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Proven Technologies

Recent Innovations


SMT serves the sports industry with innovative, award-winning technology for events, broadcasts and livestreams with a focus on real-time data collection, integration and visualization. With more than three decades of developing best-in-class solutions, SMT is an unsurpassed leader in sports technology.



















Global Locations

SMT has five offices around the world:

  • Durham, N.C.

  • Jacksonville, Fla.

  • Fremont, Calif.

  • Toronto

  • Munich


Culture of Innovation

Rising to the Challenge

When challenges arise, SMT's mission is to find solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve. In response to COVID-19, we developed fan enhancement solutions; provided online IPTV tools for media and commentators; implemented remote, cost-effective services; and delivered a virtual platform maximizing on-air sponsors’ exposure.

Remote Production ​and Operations

SMT accelerated our remote production initiatives and builtROOSTER (Remote Optics Operator Staffing & Technology for Eliminating Risk) studios at our Durham, N.C., Jacksonville, Fla., and Fremont, Calif., divisions. ROOSTER replicates the production truck mode with SMT technicians operating various systems such as the UI, video monitoring, communications, graphics and data integration remotely.

V-FAB (Virtual Fans, Ads & Brands)


V-FAB (Virtual Fans, Ads & Brands) is a virtual insertion system that infused broadcasts with the high energy of virtual fans in the stands, while empowering sponsors and advertisers with in-game virtual ads and messaging that connected sponsors with fans.


Recent innovations


Beyond the tangible strengths and assets that SMT brings to a client as a vendor partner, there are also the contributions we make that help clients innovate and progress. Recent accomplishments on behalf of our clients include:


  • Biometric data integration: SMT's tag-and-reader system "listens" to heart rate recordings and sends the data in real-time to the OASIS Platform. In use at several tournaments.

  • MLS Cup 25th Anniversary: 3D Volumetric AR show open created by SMT Creative Studio utilizing V-FAB

  • 2020 Masters: Moved from April to Nov. Limited on-site team.

  • 2020 U.S. Women’s Open: Moved from June to Dec, played on two courses

  • NBA Marvel’s Arena of Heroes: CameraTracker AR special edition game

  • PFL: New Fighter Performance Metric


Industry Recognition

We are honored to have been awarded 36 Emmys over the past two decades on behalf of our work with our stellar roster of clients, including three this year for our contributions to:


  • Outstanding Playoff Coverage: NFC Wild Card Game | Nickelodeon (CBS Sports)

  • Outstanding Live Sports Series: Sunday Night Football | NBC

  • Outstanding Technical Team Event: Super Bowl LV | CBS

Leaders in the World of Tennis

  • SMT is a pioneer in the tennis industry, servicing the sport’s most prestigious events including the four Grand Slams, 1000 Series and Premier events.

  • SMT is a preferred scoring and production partner of Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open.

  • SMT is the official graphics provider for HBS France/Roland Garros.

  • SMT’s services range from scoring, serve speed, and rally count to video wall and TV production, virtual insertions, media and players services.

  • SMT has expanded our services to include remote operation, minimizing our footprint on-site with less equipment and less staff.

  • SMT has multiple ongoing tennis projects in production, including biometrics; line calling and net calling systems; web-based, self-scoring application; online media services; camera tracking; and virtual insertions.

  • SMT continues to pursue the latest innovative technologies that offer enhanced services to all constituencies.




Proven Technologies

Recent Innovations

OASIS Platform

SMT’s approach to sports technology is embodied in the OASIS (Organization of Asynchronous Sports Information Subsystems) Platform.

SMT’s patented OASIS Platform is a highly integrated, multi-venue, time-synchronized, multilevel, data/video management system that SMT architected, designed and created to provide professional sports leagues with a platform to maintain, administer and manage centralized control over all phases of the data and video, including:

  1. Creation;

  2. Collection, organization, synchronization, management, administration, distribution;

  3. Micro-authentication (user access and entitlement);

  4. Visualization; and,

  5. Monetization.

The OASIS Platform’s capabilities include:

  • Organizing live and accurate stats, scoring and tracking systems;

  • Creating new and advanced statistics through its Eventing Intelligence Engine;

  • Supporting commentators with live, continually updating in-game information;

  • Outputting to graphical interface systems for broadcast and on-site enhancements; and

  • Supporting in-game betting and gaming feed in real time.




Proven Technologies

Recent Innovations


SMT’s latest virtual-insertion technology solution, V-FAB, is specifically designed to create, assemble and virtually insert a context-synchronized, visually pleasing atmosphere in real-time into the broadcast video of a sporting event. This proven solution has been used in many sports, including Roland Garros, WTA Monterrey and WTA Charleston, creating additional revenue-generating value for sponsors and advertisers. Clients who benefitted from this solution included:


  • MLS is Back Tournament

  • Fox Sports’ MLB broadcasts

  • NTT IndyCar Series

  • NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals ​

NHL End-to-End Solution with OASIS

SMT’s OASIS Platform is at the center of this solution, gathering and integrating real-time coordinate data and artificial intelligence creation of game events, setting a new standard for micro-second availability of accurate hockey data and statistics.

Solution includes:

  • NHL OASIS HITS (the official NHL scoring system),

  • IR-PPT (puck and player tracking),

  • OPTICS (on-air graphics presentations), and

  • V-FAB (virtual sponsor and advertising logos).

As recipients of this data collection, broadcasters have the ability to highlight player- and puck-tracking, showcase real-time, data-integrated graphics, as well as display virtual ads on the glass and other solutions to help the NHL take its league to the next level.


Betting Tickers

2021-02-07 13-54-56.ts.00_19_54_24.Still001.jpg
CBS Ticker 04.jpg

Remote Production and Operations

With SMT’s mobile production vans and our new production studios, SMT services are flexible and configurable to handle delivery from remote locations.


Our ROOSTER (Remote Optics Operator Staffing & Technology for Eliminating Risk) studios, located at our 3 U.S.-based divisions, have played a crucial role in 2020 broadcasts, providing virtual ads insertions for Roland Garros; detailed match statistics and serve speed services for U.S. Open; as well as remote scoring and scheduling for WTA and ATP events. SMT has also delivered remote broadcast services for other international events, such the Tour de France and the Olympics.

SMT’s mobile production vans deliver our same product and service suite with a minimal onsite footprint, reducing the need for our technicians and equipment to be housed in production trucks. Our mobile production vans offer the flexibility of a control room that can be configured for any sport. 

Production Van



Tour de France 2020 ROOSTER .jpeg

ROOSTER System Overview

Group 187-01.png

Events operated solely or in part from ROOSTER studios include:

  • U.S. Open Tennis Championships

  • Tour de France

  • Roland Garros

  • Professional Fighters League

  • Triple Crown of horse racing

  • Rogue Invitational

  • National Hockey League


Group 167-01.png

SMT and Whoop Integration Workflow

SMT Line Calling System

  • Goal: Cost-effective turnkey solution – adaptable to stadium and outside courts

    • Smaller footprint

    • Fewer cameras, less cabling, quicker setup time

    • Minimize tournament requirement – less dependent on tournament

    • Consistent delivery from court to court

  • Status: University of North Florida Testing Lab

    • Court setup with SMT tracking cameras and operation center

    • Adjusting software filters and cameras configuration to meet ITF accuracy

    • Certification process in progress – Fall 2021

Note: SMT is developing our own VAR solution with FIFA certification in August. Once certified, SMT VAR will be adjusted to other sports including tennis.


  • Potential business model for the WTA to consider:

    • SMT LC for all WTA events delivering a consistent technology to assist officiating for all courts all matches (assuming clay would use the technology)

    • Simplify the integration with WTA scoring vendor

    • Remove integrity concerns of the technology for gaming

UNF TLC_Setup (5).jpg

Net Calling System (R&D Phase)

SMT is working to develop our own Net Calling System using sensor to determine if a ball served has touched the net or not. This solution will be then integrated seamlessly with the SMT scoring workflow. This solution is scheduled to be deployed for the US Open 2022.

Tennis Highlight Reel

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