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Situation Analysis 

Statement of the Situation

  1. Leagues/teams want to safely and responsibly “reopen” and conduct live sporting events

  2. Government bodies are mandating the observance of social distancing for public assemblies

  3. Allowing fans to attend sporting events would violate Government social distancing protocols

  4. Leagues/teams are addressing this fan safety issue by “reopening”  in “Closed Door” stadiums.

Statement of the Problem

  1. Elite athletes performing in empty stadiums will be visually and psychologically jarring for television viewers.

  2. Television viewers relate live crowd visuals with event importance and event relevancy.

Statement of the Solution

SMT’s latest virtual-insertion technology solution called V-FAB is specifically designed:

  1. for inserting virtual fans and brands into empty stadium environments; and,

  2. to create the live visual atmosphere that is expected during the broadcasts of sports events

V-FAB Overview

V-FAB combines:

  1. A 3-D stadium model and multiple camera POVs;

  2. A set of operator-defined uniquely addressable and independent scene target areas;

  3. SMT’s virtual insertion technology magic; and,

  4. A library of art assets including Team Art, Sponsor Logos, Adverting Videos, Tifos, Flip Card, Flowing Banners, Digital Signage, and parameterized and dynamic fan templates.

V-FAB virtually inserts:

  1. Bespoke production content into specific scene target areas during live television broadcasts of sporting events.  Not just one-size-fits-all content over all empty stadium seats but, branded home team fans in some areas, branded visiting team fans in other areas, etc.

  2. Synchronized, and centrally managed content via the Production’s choice of:

a.  preset playlists running against timeline scripts;

b.  a live virtual content insertion operator; or

c.  a combination of both (e.g. scripted playlists with manual overrides).

How do I get V-FAB installed and running in my facility?

  1. Create or acquire a LIDAR scan of the facility that is to be modeled in 3-D

  2. Choose the V-FAB configuration (i.e., Downstream, On-Site, REMI) for your TV environment

  3. Hire SMT to build the 3-D model from the LIDAR scan; License the V-FAB system from SMT

  4. Hire SMT to install and test V-FAB in your sport facility or central TV production studio

  5. Configure/load V-FAB with your own Art Asset Library

  6. Hire SMT to Operate V-FAB or hire SMT to train your Operator to Operate V-FAB

What does it cost and how soon can I get V-FAB operational?

  1. Licensed annually on a per-game pricing model based on league/team parameters

  2. In general, V-FAB can be running in location within 3-weeks of SMT receiving the LIDAR scan

What does the V-FAB Operator do: prior to 1st use, Prior to game on Game Day, and during the Game?

  Prior to first use:

  1. Ingest the 3-D Model and enumerate the Set of scene target areas for virtual insertion

  2. Ingest and maintain the Art Asset library,

a.  Team related assets (i.e., logos, artwork, color palettes)

b.  Static Sponsor/brand signage

c.  Animating ads, brands, promos, mp4s.

  Prior to game on game day:

  1. Build scripted playlists

  2. Select home and visitor team palettes and art assets for this game

  3. Add any game-specific art assets, sponsor art, etc.

  4. Configure POV cameras

  During the game:

  1. Oversee running of insertion scripts; and,

  2. Insertion of manual content based on production cues and game context

V-FAB options:

  1. Multiple geo-targeted ad messaging channels

  2. Live interface to live fan social media for live virtual insertion into scene environment

  3. Synchronization of dynamic fan moment to audio level changes

V-FAB Demo


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