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There is no need to imagine any longer.

SMT has already demonstrated how real-time, live tracking data, video and core data points can combine to create new ways to present sports to designated stakeholders such as broadcasters, sports betting platforms, teams and leagues.

Consider the fast-paced sport of ice hockey. As the official tracking, timing and scoring partner of the National Hockey League, SMT is delivering its NHL Puck and Player Tracking and groundbreaking data visualization, all powered by

SMT’s revolutionary OASIS Platform.

First, ice hockey – next, football. The future is here.

The OASIS Platform

SMT’s approach to sports technology is embodied in our latest innovation, the OASIS (Organization of Asynchronous Sports Information Subsystems) Platform.

SMT’s patented OASIS Platform is a highly-integrated, multi-venue, time-synchronized, multilevel, data/video management system that SMT architected, designed and created to provide professional sports leagues with a platform to maintain, administer and manage centralized control over all phases of the data and video, including:

  1. Creation;

  2. Collection, Organization, Synchronization, Management, Administration, Distribution;

  3. Micro-authentication (user access and entitlement);

  4. Visualization; and,

  5. Monetization.

The OASIS Platform’s capabilities include:

  • Organizing live and accurate tracking systems;

  • Creating new and advanced statistics through its Eventing Intelligence Engine;

  • Supporting commentators with live, continually updating in-game information; and

  • Outputting to graphical interface systems for broadcast enhancements.

EIEIO diagram.png

In the video that follows, you will see how all the information from the OASIS Platform comes to life for the NHL. The OASIS “Quad Split” video has four components:

  • Upper right quadrant: Our tracking video allows the user to see that all players and the puck are being properly tracked and tagged.

  • Lower right quadrant: One of two multipurpose and interactive portions of the video controller allows the user to see (and change between) various screens including:

    • The graphical interface screen where operators can insert virtual elements in real time;

    • A Commentator Information Screen (CIS);

    • A data analysis screen that confirms the system is receiving data as planned and measures the real-time quality of the data being received against agreed-to protocols;

    • An eventing screen that recognizes data and newly created events as they occur; and

    • A script editor that allows the operator to change instructions to the system for insertion of virtual elements and/or pre-programmed instant replay scripts.

  • Lower left quadrant: This quadrant is similar to the lower right hand quadrant in that it allows the operator to toggle between screens. This video clip demonstrates the real-time generation of automated events being created through the OASIS Platform’s live eventing engine.

  • Upper left quadrant: Displays the real-time output of the system; this output will be highlighted in future videos showing the application.

Live Virtual Offside Detection System

One way that SMT reimagines the football experience is by introducing a live virtual offside detection system. By using accurate, real-time tracking data – a key requirement – SMT’s system can identify the next-to-last defender and forward-most attacker. This allows for showing the position of a selected player through a graphic insertion. SMT’s live virtual offside detection system is a subtle way to bring more texture to the broadcast to help viewers see the match with more context.

Automated Offside Position Detection

The next step in reimagining how viewers experience offside detection is by adding artificial intelligence. By knowing where all players are in relation to the next-to-last defender, and by running the real-time data through SMT’s proprietary Football Intelligence Engine, OASIS allows the viewer and the VAR to automatically identify when a player is in a potential offside position by changing the graphic from gray to yellow. Yellow indicates that a player is in an offside position, not necessarily that the player is offside. This informs viewers, as well alerting the VAR official, that an offside call might be imminent.

Real-time Offside Detection

With the integration of all the data sources described herein, and through the power of the OASIS Platform (powered by the Football Intelligence Engine) executing against a well documented offside ruleset, leagues will now be able to visualize offside detection live. As long as the ruleset is clear, the resultant offside call will be non-controversial and instant. This decision can be made available to the VAR and/or to the fans in real time by the graphic turning to red and/or by sending an audio signal to the VAR official.

No more frustrated fans waiting for a questionable offside call!

Additional Potential Enhancements

In addition to the live, virtual offside detection system, OASIS allows for a number of other contextual enhancements to improve the storytelling. The video that follows shows ways to identify certain players with dynamic circles or pointers and to visualize running patterns – all in real time. Other real-time enhancements could be distance traveled or top speed as well as spacing between defenders (as shown in the NHL QUAD SPLIT video). These can either be applied to the broadcast to enhance the viewership experience, or within the Commentator Information System (CIS) to help commentators gain valuable insights.

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