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SMT has more than 30 years of experience in designing, developing, deploying, operating, maintaining, refining, and servicing award-winning, best-in-class technology solutions for sports.


















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SMT Sport-Specific Systems 

  • Real-time Player and Object Tracking Systems

  • Official League-Wide Scoring Systems

  • Live Biometric Tracking Systems

  • Live Athlete Performance and Coaching Systems

  • 3D Visualization and Analytics Systems

  • Real-time Accessible Archived Statistics Systems

  • Virtual Replay and Official Review Systems

  • Live Athlete Safety and Monitoring Systems

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Live Sports Broadcast Television Enhancement Systems

Graphics Display Systems

Talent Systems

Virtual Insertion Systems

Digital Media Systems 

  • Website Creation: Deployment and Hosting

  • Mobile Apps: Creation and Deployment

  • Social Media: Curation and Publishing

Client Services

  • 24/7 Live Help Desk Support

  • Consultancy Services

  • On-Site System Operations

  • Project and Account Management

  • System Design and Development

  • Creative Services and Graphic Design

  • Event Planning and Event Execution

  • Multi-Vendor System Integration

Live On-Site Event Operations

  • Official Event Scoring Systems

  • Video Wall Displays

  • Scoreboard Displays

  • Event Information Systems

  • Social Media Integration Systems

  • Fan Engagement Systems

  • IPTV Systems

  • Press and Media Information Systems

  • Event Management and Admin Systems

Real-Time Data Processing

  • Data Creation, Parsing, Ingestion and Synchronization

  • Data Processing, Organization, Integration and Aggregation

  • Designing, Developing and Deploying Data Protocols and Schemas

  • Data Distribution via APIs, RTP Protocols and Cloud Architecture

  • Real-time Artificial Intelligence Eventing

OASIS Platform Case Study:

National Hockey League

SMT's OASIS Platform

The OASIS Platform is the central component of the NHL’s next-generation data infrastructure and leverages the full benefits of PPT data for all NHL stakeholders including NHL broadcasters.

  • The Eventing Intelligence Engine Inside OASIS, the EIEIO, is the core component of The OASIS Platform.

  • The EIEIO integrates and synchronizes the PPT data with the HITS data to produce the Official NHL Stats.

  • The EIEIO provides automatic live detection of hockey “events”, e.g., passes, player possession, shots, goals, time on ice, etc.

Player and Puck Tracking for NHL Broadcast Partners

Situational Analysis

The NHL has invested millions of dollars in a live Player and Puck Tracking (PPT) system.

Statement of Challenges

  1. NHL Broadcast Partners have historically expressed resistance to using live VIRTUALf/x.

  2. The fast pace of NHL play relative to the pace of other professional sports that use tracking systems, e.g., NFL and NBA, has caused NHL Broadcast Partners to express disbelief that PPT data can be effectively integrated into their production workflow in a timely, meaningful and positively impactful way.

  3. If NHL Broadcast Partners cannot use the PPT data as a "natural" component within their current production workflow then NHL viewers will not see the benefits of the NHL's investment in the PPT technology.

  4. If NHL Broadcast Partners do not see the value and benefit of integrating PPT data into their productions, then the NHL fans will not see and enjoy the visual, informational, and analytic benefits of PPT data.

SMT’s Solution for Packaging PPT Data for NHL Broadcast Use

  1. SMT created a PPT data architecture and solution suite to meet the needs of NHL broadcast partners.

  2. SMT solutions and systems:​

    • ​harness the power of the PPT data for the benefit of NHL Broadcast partners

    • package the PPT data in ways that NHL Broadcast partners can easily use it

    • integrate PPT data into an NHL broadcast partners current production workflow

    • promote the use of PPT data across multiple points of the NHL Broadcast partners production

    • provide NHL Broadcast Partners with control over the implementation of their own VIRTUALf/x

    • provide for automatic graphic creation using PPT data and artificial intelligence “Eventing”

  3. SMT created a solution suite that allows NHL Broadcast Partners to naturally evolve the use of the PPT data within the current workflow of their NHL Broadcast Production

SMT VIRTUALf/x Architecture and NHL Broadcast Partner Solution Suite

SMT’s VIRTUALf/x Architecture for League-Wide Solution

  1. Three (3) high-end, real-time, graphic renderers per broadcaster

  2. Two (2) NHL-provided laptops running lightweight Web Apps to control graphic renderers

  3. Single-Click operation to simplify insertion of VIRTUALf/x

  4. One (1) VIRTUALf/x standardized I/O panel in each arena truck bay for use by each broadcaster

  5. Flight-pack renderers available for non-NHL arena games

  6. One (1) SMT-trained VIRTUALf/x staff person on-site in each arena for each NHL game

  7. Four (4) POV Cameras Supported


SMT's Solution Suite for NHL Broadcaster Partners

SMT’s Solution Suite for NHL Broadcast Partners debuted at the 2019 NHL All-Star Game and includes systems to seamlessly integrate PPT and Eventing Data into the three (3) key functional areas of the broadcast presentation of a live NHL game.

Talent Prompters and Information Displays

Commentator Information Screens (C.I.S.)

2-D Graphic Presentation

Scorebug Integration of Call-Ups and Auto-Triggers


3-D VIRTUALf/x Presentation

VIRTUALf/x – Live

VIRTUALf/x – Instant Replay

VIRTUALf/x – Packaged Replay

SMT’s Vision is that PPT and Eventing Data can provide much more value to an NHL broadcaster than merely being the primary data source that drives VIRTUALf/x.

Talent Prompters and Information Display


Encourages Talent to refer to unique PPT and Eventing data on a regular basis throughout a telecast PPT and Eventing Data drive the live information screen content.

Current Data displayed includes:

  • Distance Skated

  • Number of Shifts

  • Total Time on Ice (TOI)

  • TOI – This Shift

  • Player in Possession

​Color-coding highlights when a player's shift time exceeds 30sec and 60sec

C.I.S. displays will evolve over time and are customizable for each user profile

2-D Graphic Presentation

NBC Scorebug Example

Scorebug Integration via API and RTP ensures that all NHL Broadcasters Partners enjoy the maximum benefit of PPT data and EIEIO Eventing data expressed graphically on their Scorebug devices.

  • Unique PPT and Eventing data can drive compelling Sportsbug drop-downs and slide-outs

  • EIEIO triggers can coordinate and synchronize Sportsbug displays with VFX-Live on-ice displays

3-D VIRTUALf/x Presentation

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 8.29.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 8.29.37 AM.png

VFX - Packaged Replay System

  • Standard time-line based editor

VFX - Live System

  • Single-click, intuitive, easy to use GUI,

  • Live insert from Center Ice POV

VFX - Instant Replay

  • Auto-generated Graphic Analysis Packages

  • EIEIO "Eventing Intelligence Engine Inside OASIS" Driven

  • Supports four (4) unique camera POVs

Additional SMT Solutions Since 2019 NHL All-Star Game


Eventing Intelligence Engine Inside OASIS

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 8.29.23 AM.png

Script Editor

VIRTUALf/x – Instant Replay Treatment and Script Editor

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 8.29.23 AM.png

Video Demo - NHL All-Star Game

The OASIS Platform organizes the NHL’s data infrastructure and systems into three levels.

Group 48.png

OASIS College Case Study:

Duke University

Situational Analysis

Injuries such as heat exhaustion (high body temperatures), excessively high heart rates, dehydration and head injuries are a known factor for athletes who play contact sports such as football, soccer and hockey. Coaching and medical staffs are seeking ways to mitigate these injuries.

Statement of Challenges

  1. Coaching staffs were unable to measure players’ vital information during training, resulting in potentially dangerous practices as a result of high body temperatures, high heart rates, dehydration, helmet impact and other issues.

  2. Players of contact sports are experiencing high rates of concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

  3. Parents of college athletes are worried about sending their children to college to participate in contact sports at the risk of being injured. More and more parents are choosing to not allow their children to play football or other aggressive contact sports.

SMT’s Solution 

  1. SMT’s MOM (Medical Online Monitoring) app, a component of SMT’s OASIS Platform, is a breakthrough player-tracking and biometric system that provides real-time location and physiological data to coaches and trainers during practices and games.


The MOM app helps coaches, trainers and medical staff make better decisions about the health and well-being of players and teams by conveniently accessing essential health information in real-time. If athletes exceed their individual thresholds, users will see an alert and can take immediate action.

MOM Benefits

  • Safety: Individual thresholds are set for heart rate, core body temp, hydration, and helmet impact

  • Alerts: Medical safety alerts are sent in real-time to mobile devices when individual thresholds are exceeded

  • Security: Only team doctors and trainers have access to accounts and passwords

  • Encryption: Data is encrypted and secured, allowing coaches to determine who has access to the data

  • Analysis: All data securely stored for comprehensive analysis

  • Connectivity: Data transmission and reception connected via military-grade ultra-wideband connection from tags in shoulder pads and helmets to in-stadium sensors

  • Future-proof: Designed to accept future data streams for inclusion into database

MOM Features

  • Biometrics: Monitors heart rate, estimated core body temperature, HRV and PSI

  • Tracking: Tracks athlete movement, location, distance and speed

  • Helmet Impacts: Measures individual and cumulative impacts

  • Health & Safety Alerts: Alerts staff through mobile app (MOM) when players thresholds are exceeded

  • Video: Provides visual evidence of an alert and allows you to replay the specific incident

2.  The OASIS Platform improves training by allowing coaching staffs to monitor players’ vital information live – including biometric data, helmet impacts, instant video replay and player tracking.


3.  The OASIS Platform provides an important recruiting advantage for programs that invest in and demonstrate a concern for player safety.


4.  SMT’s OASIS platform uses Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband connection from tags in the shoulder pad and helmet to deliver a real-time signal to in-stadium sensors.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 10.41.53

Four “R’s” for Optimum Results

OASIS College data capture allows coaches to maximize athletes’ performances during practices and in-game by:

  • Reduction in injury by close monitoring of training regiments (individual thresholds for each player). Stop potential injuries before they occur.

  • Realigning performance cycles to ensure athletes peak on game day

  • Rehabilitation: Reduce downtime resulting from precise rehab monitoring with customized individual biometric baseline approach.

  • Recruitment: Superior athletes (and their parents) are drawn to programs that possess OASIS. Safer environment, better performance, higher goals to be attained.

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