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SMT serves the sports industry with innovative, award-winning technology for events, broadcasts and live streams. With more than three decades of developing best-in-class solutions focused on real-time data collection, integration and visualization, SMT has earned its reputation as an unsurpassed leader in sports technology.




















SMT captures the full breadth of the racing experience, translating hard data into intriguing visualizations with live tracking, virtual effects, storyline graphics, mobile apps and more.


Developed in 2001, RACEf/x   combines GPS, NASCAR timing and scoring, and ECU (engine control unit) data to track cars within 2 cm of accuracy under extreme circumstances. 

  • Used by NASCAR in each of its racing series

  • Creates real-time race record using on-board GPS units that capture positioning and telemetry data including:  

    • Speed​

    • Acceleration/deceleration

    • Time behind leader

    • Car position

    • RPM

    • Brake

    • Throttle

    • Slip angle

  • ​Tracks dozens of vehicles traveling in excess of 180 mph (290 km/h) 

  • Provides broadcasters with 2D/3D broadcast elements including:

    • ​Telemetry

    • Pointer graphics

    • Choose Rule

    • Green Flag Pit Stop

    • Fuel Telemetry

    • ROPR (Race Off Pit Road)

  • Used by SRX


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NASCAR Team Analytics

In 2018, NASCAR teams and officials for the first time had access to Team Analytics, an application that ingests a data feed combining loop data, timing and scoring, and SMT location and telemetry data to create a visualization tool with expanded features and playback capabilities. Today, almost every CUP and Xfinity team successfully uses Team Analytics to live-analyze and evaluate car behavior and driver inputs.

Available to all racing teams and NASCAR officials, Team Analytics translates hard data into intriguing visualizations with a robust cloud and at-track server infrastructure that streams and stores the data that powers playback.

Team Analytics offers a constantly expanding feature set that includes:


  • Customizable visualizations: Users can tailor the app to create visualizations based on live tracking, virtual effects, storyline graphics and more.

  • Configurable virtual camera options. Options include Birds-Eye View (BEV) camera mode that provides a big picture view of the racing action, giving teams insight into competitors’ strategies. Includes indicators for leader, lap-down and lucky dog cars.

  • Session Manager. This flexible feature allows users to individually select racing sessions (practice, qual, race) for comparisons as well as cross-session analysis. Data can be accessed live or on demand.

  • Virtual Timing & Scoring Fixed Loops: Users set predefined fixed playback loops to break down location and telemetry data at the physical loop locations.

  • Multi-lap table mode: Enables users to view times and information from every lap in the session while highlighting fastest or fastest consecutive laps. • Recording feature: Users can record video clips for easy sharing.


NASCAR Broadcast Analytics

SMT's Broadcast Analytics tool— with its popular GhostCar   feature—integrates data and telemetry to virtually highlight replays, allowing commentators to analyze drivers. 

During live sessions, the GhostCar application ingests RACEf/x tracking data, and, through an easy-to-navigate user interface, allows producers to cue up laps to compare performances from compelling vantage points not available through broadcast cameras.

Broadcast Analytics gives commentators new and unlimited visualization possibilities as they:

  • Compare driving lines between rivals;

  • Compare live performances of “hot” lap vs. current pole sitter in qualifying;

  • Show time gained or lost when cars take green flag pit stops;

  • Freeze the field at the time of caution to show running position at last loop crossed.



Race Crawl

SMT’s Race Crawl system is a powerful graphics platform that supports real-time display of a race leaderboard, providing audiences with starting grid lineups, leaderboards, results and points. The Race Crawl system fully integrates with SMT’s other products, including live scoring, production tools and stand-alone graphics.

The Race Crawl system can be customized to support:

  • Custom graphic formats

  • Logos

  • Headshots

  • Drop-down statistics

  • Sponsor advertising

  • Animations

  • Program alerts

  • Dynamic imagery

Race Crawl1.jpg

Nitro System and Virtual Insertions

SMT’s sports tracking system, Nitro, is a patented video overlay technology that creates the illusion that elements such as start and finish line or sponsor logos are actually painted on the track, even allowing cars to cross over and park on them as if they were real. The graphics are created using SMT proprietary hardware and rendering software. Other virtually inserted options include:

  • Lane Sponsor

  • Driver Carpets

  • Driver Cards

  • Finish Line

  • Wall Sponsors

  • Integrated Staging Lines

  • 3D Sponsorship

  • Video in Perspective

  • Checkpoint Tracker

  • Telestrator Pointer

  • Spartacus Car Trails


Talent and Information Systems

With SMT’s commentator support, on-air talent is instructed on how best to use our off-camera information systems to deliver expert analysis in-race, during replays or postrace. Our systems offer an array of current and historical data, statistical and real-time information, providing on-air talent with an in-depth look into the race strategy each team is implementing.


With SMT’s interactive touch screen, GOTO Board, commentators share with the television audience key race information, including:

  • On-track Weather Conditions

  • Pole Qualifying Results

  • Racing Statistics

  • Racing Technology

  • Qualifying Racers

  • Pit Row Images

  • Start Grid

  • Biometrics

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

MaxVision Video Display Productions

SMT’s Video Production Services team is comprised of Emmy-winning broadcast specialists who use a producer’s eye to help clients produce engaging and compelling content for their distinctive audiences. Fans at select stadiums are treated to MaxVision, an interactive broadcast displayed on the jumbo, high-definition video screens around the tracks. Produced by our VPS team, the presentation includes the live race crawl, social media, countdowns, historic and live race stats and NASCAR trivia. SMT’s Creative Studio designs and implements graphics insert packages for MaxVision’s sponsors, which have included Sprint and Monster Energy.

SMT’s MaxVision offers unique in-venue experiences with scoreboard productions that engage fans with interactive and informative visual content, including:

  • Race Crawl

  • Historic and Live Statistics

  • Social Media Integration

  • Trivia Games

  • Countdowns

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Remote Production and Operations

With SMT’s mobile production vans and our new production studios, SMT services are flexible and configurable to handle delivery from remote locations.


Our ROOSTER (Remote Optics Operator Staffing & Technology for Eliminating Risk) studios, located at our 3 U.S.-based divisions, have played a crucial role in 2020 broadcasts, providing virtual ads insertions for Roland Garros; detailed match statistics and serve speed services for U.S. Open; as well as remote scoring and scheduling for WTA and ATP events. SMT has also delivered remote broadcast services for other international events, such the Tour de France and the Olympics.

SMT’s mobile production vans deliver our same product and service suite with a minimal onsite footprint, reducing the need for our technicians and equipment to be housed in production trucks. Our mobile production vans offer the flexibility of a control room that can be configured for any sport. 

Production Van



Tour de France 2020 ROOSTER .jpeg

ROOSTER System Overview

Group 187-01.png

Events operated solely or in part from ROOSTER studios include:

  • U.S. Open Tennis Championships

  • Tour de France

  • Roland Garros

  • Professional Fighters League

  • Triple Crown of horse racing

  • Rogue Invitational

  • National Hockey League

SMT Production Trucks

From oval short tracks and winding road courses to superspeedways, we follow the NASCAR series to every race. Our branded, 53-foot truck sets up in the television compound each week and networks into all NASCAR and broadcaster systems.

The truck includes a fully functional production room for producers and operations staff to successfully run a show. Equipped with a configurable monitor wall of eight 24-in screens, the team doesn’t miss any of the action. Networked audio panels allow seamless communication with producer, director, camera operators and other production team members.

The truck also includes a full server room. Four full racks store all the necessary hardware to run a NASCAR show. Server machines, network switches, IT support, client computers and other hardware are easily accessible by engineers for troubleshooting. The engineer station includes a full suite of tools that allows individual components and hardware to be fixed or maintained while onsite.


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