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MARCH 2023



SMT serves the sports industry with innovative, award-winning technology for events, broadcasts and livestreams with a focus on real-time data collection, integration and visualization. With more than three decades of developing best-in-class solutions, SMT is an unsurpassed leader in sports technology.





















For more than three decades, SMT has been involved in almost every major sport, delivering groundbreaking and award-winning technologies that have changed the way sports are watched, played and analyzed.



Beyond the tangible strengths and assets that SMT brings to a client as a vendor partner, there are also the contributions we make that help clients innovate and progress. Recent accomplishments on behalf of our clients include:

  • Biometric data integration: SMT's tag-and-reader system "listens" to heart rate recordings and sends the data in real-time to the OASIS Platform; in use at several tournaments.


  • MLS Cup 25th Anniversary: Volumetric (3D) AR show open created by SMT Creative Studio paid tribute to greatest players and winningest franchises with effects produced in real-time, combining graphics with live interior stadium shots.


  • NFL Playoffs: Nickelodeon-themed game featured SMT’s special virtual effects, including slime cannons, animated end zones, field goal graphics and slime animations for the SMT first-down line.

  • NBA Marvel’s Arena of Heroes: This AR special edition game was made possible by SMT’s Camera Tracker technology featured player-tracking pointer graphics, shot-trail graphics, and graphic overlays featuring Avenger and other character-specific logos when a shot was made.


  • PFL: New Fighter Performance Metric that calculates how rounds are won based on stats that are relayed to SMT inputters stationed at our Durham Remote Production Studio who then integrate data into on -air graphics.


  • Implementation of remote production facilities in Durham, N.C., Jacksonville, F.L., and Fremont, C.A.



SMT is frequently involved in high-profile sporting events and therefore understands the complexities of live events and the significance of effective real-time data presentation.
SMT provides data feed platforms for all four tennis Grand Slam events and golf majors.

slide 10.png


SMT has a long history of integrating and maintaining historical databases with web-based access for many sports properties, including:

  • NASCAR: Car position data obtained from SMT’s GPS-based tracking system, car telemetry data (MPH, throttle, brake & RPM), camera data (all acquired via SMT’s RACEf/x), as well as NASCAR’s timing and scoring system

  • NHL: Data obtained from SMT’s infrared-based system powering SMT’s Puck and Player Tracking (PPT) and scoring system (HITS)

  • Major League Baseball (MLB) teams: Data obtained from SMT’s fully optical computer vision system powering player and ball tracking (FIELDf/x) and pitch tracking (PITCHf/x)

  • Professional Fighters League (PFL)

  • Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)

slide 11_edited.png


SMT is the premier technology provider for the world’s largest and most iconic sporting events and leagues, having designed and developed the official timing and scoring, statistical and administrative systems and corresponding data feeds for Tennis Grand Slams and golf majors, as well as for NASCAR, the NBA and NHL. Over 200 clients entrust us with their most valuable assets: their fans.

SLIDE 3.png





Craft the story of your game by choosing from live and historical data and statistics, social media feeds, video and telemetry, all integrated into compelling graphics for display on video boards, scoreboards, and screens of all kinds.



SMT's broadcast and event specialists take pride in helping our clients turn their visions into reality. From site review to choosing our most impactful solutions and on-site set-up and operation, SMT is devoted to our clients’ success every step of the way.




SMT provides its sports clients with effective on-site and broadcast data visualization and storytelling tools. Below is an overview and brief description of our most prominent products and services.


Having designed and developed the official timing, scoring and administration systems for multiple leagues and events, SMT understands the complexities of live events and the significance of effective real-time data presentation.


SMT scoring systems integrate both manual and automated data capture technologies and include systems that generate official statistics and analytics. These systems also deliver content via broadcast and onsite video displays graphics, and to various digital platforms (mobile, web and information systems) that provide real-time, historical and year-to-date historical data and comparisons for the media.  


SMT’s event administration systems include a variety of applications to assist event organizers with the management of major sports events. They include, for example, sophisticated scheduling and prize money systems as well as athlete registration systems and PISA (Press Information System Application), used at Wimbledon to schedule athlete interviews for media. SMT can provide various examples of how it has assisted event organizers with this technology and expertise.



From NASCAR to the NFL, SMT’s tracking technologies help tell stories through data visualizations via the four key forms of sports tracking technology (optical, GPS, infrared (IR), and ultra-wideband (UWB)/RFID).


SMT assists Major League Baseball, Minor League baseball and the PGA Tour with our optical tracking technology. We use computer vision to track baseballs and golf balls to within a pixel or better accuracy. SMT has tracked over 10 million pitches in baseball as well as all of the approach shots for every PGA Tour event. For NFL broadcasts, SMT’s CameraTracker provides an optical data tracking system on an aerial broadcast camera to insert live 3D virtual graphics onto the playing field. SMT’s Next Gen Tele auto render system brings impactful value with storytelling tools that show fans the route variations as plays develop.  


SMT captures a plethora of GPS-generated information for motorsports, including telemetry data (speed, throttle, brakes, gears, and RPM), positioning data and camera data. The data is used to create a real-time digital record ​of the race that is dispersed to various systems that feed on-air graphics.

SMT’s Puck and Player Tracking technology for the NHL is based on infrared ​technology. We place sensors in the back collar of the player uniforms as well as sensors inside the puck to track accurately within an inch.

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) uses our Ultra-Wide Band/RFID technology to help determine punch speeds of their fighters which is then visualized throughout the fight as graphical insertions to help augment the broadcaster's storytelling efforts.


SMT’s in-house design entity, SMT Creative Studio, specializes in the creation and implementation of compelling content presentation for the on and off-site audiences, including video displays, broadcast and digital platforms. These state-of-the-art graphics presentations include real-time 2D/3D HD animations, virtual and augmented reality graphics. Our graphic content production capability ranges from the latest render and animation systems to systems that deliver content for perimeter displays and broadcast clock-and-score bugs. In addition, SMT provides customized channels that integrate directly into existing tournament CCTV systems.


  • Branding and Graphic Design

  • Television Interface

  • SportsCG Graphics Platform

  • Tickers/Crawls

  • Real-time 2D/3D Animation

  • Virtual Graphics

  • Next Generation Statistics

SMT offers an unparalleled, intuitive workflow for seamless graphics integration. With the OASIS Platform and SportsCG graphics publishing system, SMT offers an unmatched turnkey approach to graphics for clients such as the Masters Tournament, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, the China Open, MLS and PFL.

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 10.29.57

PFL Sponsor Stats Graphic

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 3.44.04 PM.png


Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 3.41.45 PM.png

NASCAR Race Crawl with Telemetry

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 10.51.22



SMT’s powerful, real-time virtual insertion platforms are custom designed for sporting events, newscasts, award ceremonies and concerts. Broadcasters worldwide use SMT’s 2D and 3D virtual graphics to help viewers focus on key plays and statistics, to insert targeted virtual ads or to create dramatic and compelling visuals. SMT’s Virtual Fans, Ads and Brands (V-FAB) system infuses broadcasts with the high energy of virtual fans in the stands, while empowering sponsors and advertisers with in-game, geographically targeted virtual ads and messaging.

Shift Time Disk Puck Trail Output.png

Hockey Virtual

Shift Time Disk Puck Trail

Hockey Virtual User Interface


Yellow First Down Line


Yellow First Down Line User Interface

NASCAR Pointers

NASCAR Pointers


NASCAR Pointers User Interface




From its inception, SMT has been at the forefront of display technology and display content production for clients such as the major golf tournaments, tennis Grand Slams, and major marathons. SMT delivers a broad array of display services tailored to each event’s site and needs, including large-scale video displays (Superwalls), information towers, on-court/on-course and mezzanine ribbon boards, and digital ad panels as well as scoreboards. These provide events with expanded sponsor revenue opportunities while enhancing the fan experience on site. Our display production services range from fully-automated scoreboards and information displays, with logic automatically driving content, to manned production with skilled producers, editors and graphics operators. SMT delivers a high-level production with multiple video sources, tennis line calling replay, custom edited video content, remote ENG cameras, social media, custom session opening, player introductions, and sponsor events.


  • Scoreboards

  • Information Towers

  • Video Walls and Production

  • Projection Systems Ribbon

  • Board Displays and Production

  • Sponsor Branded Serve Speed and Clock Displays

  • Content Production

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 8.40.28 AM.png

Scoreboard Content Production

Chair Umpire LED.png

Chair Umpire LED

_WMPO_Curved Board3.jpg

Waste Management Superwall


NYC Marathon Jumbo LED


SMT’s commentator support systems offer an array of current and historical data, statistical and real-time information, including injury reports, strategy reports, and other pertinent data — everything an announcer needs to provide complete, real-time game and player analysis.

SMT’s information systems manage player databases, scoring formats, draw entry, game schedules and status, data distribution and administrative reports. This information can be fed through CCTV systems to video displays, touch screens and prompters.

C.I.S. Displays

Commentator Information Systems

Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive Touchscreens

GOTO Boards

Talent-Operated Touchscreens

Telestrators and Analytics Tools

Telestrators and Analytics Tools

Commentator Information Systems (CIS)

Giant On-Air Talent-Operated Board (GOTO)


SMT has built the most comprehensive interactive solution for the media, integrating real-time and historical information, live video and archived matches and interviews. Our IPTV interactive touch screen or mouse-operated system delivers a powerful tool to each journalist for interview booking, match video analysis, interview transcripts, and more, making our services a must-have for large events.


The Masters Tournament


The Open Championship

us open.png

The U.S. Open Championship


Evian Championship




Provide LIV Golf with a future-proof data platform to enable immediate execution of data distribution plans while building the platform for seamless integration of future strategies designed to grow fan engagement and new revenue streams. 




SMT’s patented OASIS (Organization of Asynchronous Sports Information Subsystems) Platform is a  highly integrated, multi-venue, time-synchronized, multi-level, data/video management system that SMT architected, designed, and created to provide professional sports leagues, teams, federations, or governing bodies with a platform to maintain, administer and manage, centralized control over all phases of its data and video, including: ​

  • Creation

  • Collection

  • Organization

  • Synchronization 

OASIS represents the ultimate aggregation platform that will allow LIV Golf to control, integrate, and
index all historical, current, and future data and video sources and endpoints.


OASIS as an organizing philosophy views the data landscape of a sports league in three (3) layers: ​​

Level 0     Comprises all stand-alone systems that independently create sources of data and video, such as:

  • Official Scoring and Stats Systems

    • Can include historical information

  • Positional Tracking Systems

  • Biometric Data Sampling Systems

  • Camera & Video Systems


The OASIS Platform has a published data protocol document for how Level 0 subsystems
should provide and output their data for delivery to, and absorption by, Level 1 of OASIS.

Level 1     The central hub that absorbs, collates, synchronizes, organizes, expands, and distributes

                  all Level 0 data via push and query APIs. SMT’s Sports Intelligence Engine (SIE) is an artificial

intelligence engine that intelligently combines the inputs from multiple Level 0 Sources into a singular central database on a common timecode.

Level 2     Comprises all stand-alone systems that independently consume, use, and present Level 0 and

Level 1 data and video for specific use cases such as:

  • Coaching Applications

  • Athlete Performance & Data Analytics

  • Officiating

  • Broadcast Graphics

OASIS’ organizing philosophy defines a simple, intuitive, approach to a sports league’s data governance and data management but requires a highly disciplined, central authority to maintain the proper separation of the layers and to maintain functional independence between layers for a sports league to gain the full benefits of the OASIS organizing philosophy.

OASIS is agnostic as to whether there are multiple individual vendors supplying the various subsystems at Level 0 or Level 2 or whether there is just one vendor supplying all subsystems at Level 0 or all subsystems at Level 2.  The OASIS organizing philosophy ensures all subsystem suppliers maintain functional independence, communicate clearly to others and receive the full benefit of their participation. ​

As a product, the OASIS Platform is a highly integrated, multi-venue, time-synchronized, multilevel, data/video management system that SMT architected, designed and created to provide professional sports leagues with a centrally controlled and league-controlled platform to organize, maintain, administer, and manage all phases of the league’s data creation, data distribution, data visualization, and data monetization.

  • Clock Systems

  • Weather Systems

  • Additional Event & Marketing Systems

  • Any future technologies

  • Impact Sensing Systems

  • Virtual Insertion Graphics and Virtual Ads

  • In Stadium Display Boards and Video Walls

  • Mobile, Web and Digital Platforms

  • Betting and Wagering Applications

  • Micro authentication (User Access and Entitlement)

  • Monetization

  • Management

  • Administration

  • Distribution

  • Visualization


In the video that follows, you will see how all the information from the OASIS Platform comes to life for the NHL. The OASIS “Quad Split” video has four components:

  • Upper right quadrant: Our tracking video allows the user to see that all players and the puck are being properly tracked and tagged.

  • Lower right quadrant: One of two multipurpose and interactive portions of the video controller allows the user to see (and change between) various screens including:

    • The graphical interface screen where operators can insert virtual elements in real time;

    • A Commentator Information Screen (CIS);

    • A data analysis screen that confirms the system is receiving data as planned and measures the real-time quality of the data being received against agreed-to protocols;

    • An eventing screen that recognizes data and newly created events as they occur; and

    • A script editor that allows the operator to change instructions to the system for insertion of virtual elements and/or pre-programmed instant replay scripts.

  • Lower left quadrant: This quadrant is similar to the lower right hand quadrant in that it allows the operator to toggle between screens. This video clip demonstrates the real-time generation of automated events being created through the OASIS Platform’s live eventing engine.

  • Upper left quadrant: Displays the real-time output of the system; this output will be highlighted in future videos showing the application.






The OASIS Platform provides a long-term, future-proof solution; offering LIV Golf the control of its own data distribution. With OASIS, LIV Golf can maximize its data's value without relying on a third party. 

  • Singular location of official data for the LIV Tour

  • Reducing latency to end clients

  • No disruption to workflow if changes occur with data suppliers or consumers



PHASE 1: Development of API for Data Ingest & Distribution

Level 0 data including base scoring data, resting ball location, wind & weather data.

PHASE 2: New Level 0 Data Collection & Inputs

Addition of new Level 0 data inputs including Greenside Tracking & Ball Radar Data. 

PHASE 3: Ingest & Synchronization of Video & Data
PHASE 4: Integration of New Level 2 Consumers

Social Media, Fantasy Applications, OTT, etc. 




The OASIS Platform will provide many ancillary opportunities for LIV GOLF to improve the presentation of its sport and the ability to better monetize its core assets. SMT and ARL offer a myriad of product and service solutions at both Level 0 and Level 2. Without any detailed specifications and requirements, it is impossible to give detailed cost estimates as our solutions are customized to the individual sport and its unique environment. Examples of SMT’s and/or ARL’s services include, but are not limited to:

•    LIV-approved ball tracking
•    Player tracking
•    Scoring systems
•    Statistical systems
•    Event administration systems
•    Biometric data integration
•    Media Information Systems (Press Center)
•    Commentator Information Systems (CIS)
•    Traditional broadcast graphics
•    Augmented reality visualizations
•    Broadcast analytics
•    Data analytics
•    On-site video display production
•    Betting data feed interface



For cost and maintenance efficiency purposes, SMT recommends that OASIS be a cloud-only (no on-premise servers) deployment. Note that all Level 0 data MUST be cloud-accessible. 




SMT plans to support LIV GOLF with staff from the following internal functions:

•    Relationship Management: Primary day-to-day business contact on any and all issues regarding the delivery of services and resource SMT plans to support the ICC with staff from the following internal functions allocation

•    Project Management: Technical lead and team dedicated to the design and implementation of project deliverables

•    Engineering: Team dedicated to software architecture and development, cloud/database architecture and deployment, data integration, IT field support, and software quality assurance

Given the strategic importance to SMT of the OASIS Platform, the following senior management will be involved on a regular and consistent basis in the oversight of the implementation of the project:
  • Kirk Brown (COO): Responsible for all technical operations of SMT globally.

  • Jay Abraham (CRO): Responsible for all new business globally, including starting up new sport verticals.

Please see KEY PERSONNEL in the SMT INFORMATION section (i.e., RFP Appendix E) for team members, function, position, relevant experience, and estimated time commitment to the project.


Natural Tan Floral Computer Screen Saver (1).png



  • OASIS RTP (Real Time Push) APIs are implemented within minimal overhead and are multi-threaded in nature so that individual endpoint latencies on the order of milliseconds are typically achieved. Exact latency is affected by fundamental cloud latency (based on deployment region) and on-premise delays from Level 0 sources.

  • Our goal with OASIS REST APIs is to always achieve minimal (< 0.1 seconds) processing time on all commonly used queries and suitable (< 1 second) processing time on rare queries.

  • Our OASIS MongoDB Atlas back-end (which supports all OASIS REST API routes/queries) is scalable in nature so that databases can be custom sharded & indexed to increase performance where necessary. Furthermore, Atlas offers scalable performance parameters (M30, M40, etc.) which may be increased/decreased in real-time either on a schedule or in response to changing levels of consumer demand.

  • The OASIS solution is built to provide real-time support during all ICC matches. SMT will proactively work with the customer to manage any planned downtime (e.g., for maintenance and/or software upgrades) that will occur outside of scheduled matches.

  • Given the time difference between Dubai and Eastern Time in the U.S. (i.e., SMT HQ), all service requests and/or inquiries outside of live matches will be addressed within SMT’s next working day.

  • SMT will provide full OASIS API documentation and a Swagger site for all consumers. Direct engineering consultation/support will also be provided upon request.

  • If performance parameter increases involve actual cost increases that are beyond the scope of this proposal, SMT will notify ICC and initiate discussions regarding how these additional costs will be paid.


SMT has long-standing security and access policies that are governed by executive leadership and our in-house network administrators which are aligned with ISO_IEC_27001_2013. These security policies and processes have been established over decades of our corporate activity dating back to the late 1990s. SMT strongly enforces the security of not only our internal proprietary data, source code and employee records, but also extends these policies and processes to data that is owned by our clients. 

Please see the SMT Securities and Access Policies document for a full overview. (DOC TO BE UPDATED)


SMT maintains adequate levels of insurance in relation to Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, and Directors’ and Officers’ E&O Insurance consistent with industry standards.  

SMT will be glad to provide relevant certificates of insurance upon request.





SMT is pleased to present the pricing structure below to LIV Golf that is based on a two-year agreement as well as the assumption that LIV will pay for all (Azure) website/server hosting and data/video streaming costs, and incorporates the following elements:​

  • There are no travel-related costs associated with this proposal; SMT will absorb any required travel for startup meetings if required and not able to be conducted via video conferencing, based on mutual agreement

  • Payment schedule will be agreed upon once final details on scope and price are agreed to; SMT will require an upfront payment to begin the engagement but is comfortable with future payments being quarterly, in arrears, based on agreed to completion dates

  • All prices are in US dollars

    • Pricing is inclusive of any applicable VAT taxes; should SMT be exempt from VAT taxes, discussions will be held between the parties on potential pricing adjustments

    • Pricing is exclusive of any other taxes, deductions, withholdings, etc. that the LIV Golf may be obligated at law to make, if applicable; SMT will require further discussion on the implications of these potential deductions

p. 57 crop.png




1. LIV TOUR has invested significant capital to:

          a. Capture live ball location data

          b. Capture live greenside approach shot ball 3-D path data

          c. Create accurate 3-D models of green surfaces

          d. Create accurate 3-D models of LIV TOUR golf courses

          e. Capture live video of every shot of featured groups of golfers

2. LIV TOUR would like to leverage all of the capital investments above to:

          a. Enhance the visual experience of LIV TOUR golf TV viewers

          b. Enhance the visual experience of LIV TOUR golf Digital fans

          c. Enhance the visual experience of LIV TOUR golf Event attendees

          d. Educate LIV TOUR golf fans (and others) about the skills of LIV TOUR players

          e. Synchronize the presentation of LIV TOUR golf events across all platforms

          f. Provide LIV TOUR golf fans with unprecedented data analysis and insights

         g. Infuse all LIV TOUR presentations with predictive analytics and probabilities

         h. Differentiate LIV TOUR and LIV TOUR golfers from all other tours and sanctioned events

          i. Attract and hold the attention of a younger demographic to LIV TOUR golf


(legacy presentation material, please advise)



1. LIV TOUR live data and video sources, archived data and video sources, and 3-D art assets currently are not
    stored, organized and time-code synchronized in a single-source cloud repository where access to all data,
    video and art content by all LIV TOUR stakeholders and licenses partners is:

          a. Centrally controlled, administered and managed online by the LIV TOUR

          b. Micro-authenticated via credentialed login

          c. Provided by a single point of contact API that is:

                i. Use-case populated​

               ii. Use-case matched to optimal latency of delivery

2. LIV TOUR's current data capture system suite does not include systems to capture:

          a. Live ball lie data

          b. Live bio-mechanical limb tracking (e.g. on tee-shots to allow temporal shift ghost comparisons)

3. Currently available production, analytic and storytelling tools do not fully exploit and leverage the depth and
     breadth of LIV TOUR data, video, analytic and art assets required for producers of LIV TOUR content for
     television, digital and on-site event platforms to show visually compelling new content.

4. LIV TOUR does not provide LIV TOUR players and OEMs with an analytics tool to access and exploit the
    depth and breadth of LIV TOUR data, video, and art assets.

5. LIV TOUR does not fully leverage and exploit the depth and breadth of its data, video, analytic and art assets
    to engage LIV TOUR fans on their mobile and digital devices.


1. LIV TOUR hires SMT as a technical consultant and advisor to assist the LIV TOUR in leveraging its data,
    video and technology assets to achieve the LIV TOUR's goals as stated above.

2. LIV TOUR licenses SMT's OASIS platform to:

          a. Absorb all Level 0 data and video sources into a common LIV TOUR data and video repository

          b. Store, organize and synchronize all LIV TOUR live and archived data and video assets

          c. Make all LIV TOUR assets available to Level 2 LIV TOUR partners via standard APIs

3. LIV TOUR hires SMT's systems development team to create Level 0 data capture solutions for live ball lie data


4. LIV TOUR licenses SMT's OPTICS platform and SMT's Next Generation telestration tool for use on the LIV Tour             broadcasts:  

          a. Enhance the TV coverage of all LIV TOUR events for LIV TOUR golf fans and viewers

          b. Give LIV TOUR broadcast team the advanced storytelling tools needed to engage the
              next generation of LIV TOUR fans and viewers

5. LIV TOUR licenses SMT's EDGE platform for use by:

          a. LIV TOUR players and teams

          b. LIV TOUR broadcast talent and research teams

          c. LIV TOUR digital and data partners

6. LIV TOUR hires SMT's Creative Studio and Data Sciences Team to create visualization concepts for:

          a. Approach Shot target areas

          b. Green Undulations

          c. Performance Analysis

          d. Pre-Shot calculations, intentions and probabilities

          e. Ghost Shots - temporal shifted ghost comparisons

          f. Shot simulations

7. LIV TOUR hires SMT's Data Sciences Team to create new golf statistics to appear to the next generation
    of LIV TOUR fans and viewers.

8LIV TOUR hires SMT's Digital Applications Team to:

          a. Create 2nd screen companion apps for:

               i. LIV TOUR fans interested in digitally supplementing LIV TOUR event TV coverage

               ii. LIV TOUR fans on-site at LIV TOUR events

          b. Auto-publish graphically-enhanced video clips to LIV TOUR social media platforms

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