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SMT has developed multiple virtual reality environment-based solutions to enhance storytelling.


For NASCAR, SMT developed the Ghost Car application, which visualizes SMT’s RACEf/x® tracking system data (a combination of GPS location data, NASCAR timing and scoring data as well as car ECU data) in a 3D virtual environment, both live and on-demand.


The GhostCar application ingests SMT’s RACEf/x® tracking data and through the easy-to-navigate user interface a producer can cue up any lap from any driver and compare performance vs. any car in the field. The virtual environment allows a producer to place virtual cameras anywhere in the scene to capture unique and compelling vantage points not seen through typical broadcast cameras.


The NASCAR RaceView app puts fans behind the wheel with the ultimate immersive and interactive second-screen experience, offering a live 3D virtual video rendering of NASCAR races. RaceView provides a 3D representation of every car and track, in-car audio, driver stats and multiple viewing angles – all in real time.


For the NHL, SMT developed OPTICS, which allows for virtual broadcast insertions that enrich the game’s storytelling. By combining OPTICS with its scoring system (HITS), its Puck and Player Tracking (PPT) solution, and its proprietary data platform OASIS, SMT was the first to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end data and graphics architecture.


OPTICS provides broadcasters with the tools they need to seamlessly and easily integrate on-air graphic presentations such as live player inserts, instant replays and package replays. It enhances the viewer experiences with storytelling graphics like pointers, discs and trails that reveal game-winning strategies.


SMT's SPRITES app debuted on NHL’s Third Period Live Show, streamed on YouTube during the third period of NHL finals games. The app enables viewers to see a real-time graphical presentation of the action on the ice.


This past June, SMT debuted its SPRITES app at Amalie Arena during its Game 5 watch party to cheer on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Over 7,000 fans were rewarded with the ultimate experience: while the ESPN broadcast of the game was shown on the Jumbotron, SMT’s SPRITES app was projected onto the ice of an NHL arena for the first time.


The SPRITES app helped fans better follow the game, showing player names and possessions, automatic shot speed displays, yellow circle pulse animations indicating players on the ice more than 45 seconds, red circles for players on the ice more than 90 seconds, an oversized puck, and puck-and-player trails.


Footage of the SPRITES app has gone viral with over 6 million views across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok



With backgrounds in mobile and console game design and development, SMT’s Digital Media team creates compelling experiences in the digital space from 2D to 3D, cross-platform, using a variety of code bases.


Team Analytics

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SMT’s powerful organizing philosophy called OASIS (Organization of Asynchronous Sports Information Subsystems) is the basis upon which the OASIS Platform data management and OPTICS (Optimal PPT Television Integration and Control Solution) systems were built. ​


OASIS as an organizing philosophy views the data landscape of a sports league in three (3) layers: ​​


Level 0    All subsystems that create data or video


Level 1    The central hub that absorbs, collates, synchronizes, organizes, expands, and distributes all

                 Level 1 data via push and query APIs


Level 2    All subsystems that consume, present, or use the data via OPTICS


OASIS’ organizing philosophy defines a simple, intuitive approach to a sports league’s data governance and data management but requires a highly disciplined, central authority to maintain the proper separation of the layers and to maintain functional independence between layers for a sports league to gain the full benefits of the OASIS organizing philosophy.


OASIS is agnostic as to whether there are multiple individual vendors supplying the various subsystems at Level 0 or Level 2 or whether there is just one vendor supplying all subsystems at Level 0 or all subsystems at Level 2. The OASIS organizing philosophy ensures all subsystem suppliers maintain functional independence, communicate clearly to others and receive the full benefit of their participation. ​


As a product, the OASIS Platform is a highly integrated, multi-venue, time-synchronized, multilevel, data/video management system that SMT architected, designed and created to provide professional sports leagues with a centrally controlled and league-controlled platform to organize, maintain, administer and manage all phases of the league’s data creation, data distribution, data visualization and data monetization.




  1. Three (3) high-end, real-time, graphic renderers per broadcaster

  2. Two (2) NHL-provided laptops running lightweight web apps to control graphic renderers

  3. Single-click operation to simplify insertion of VIRTUALf/x

  4. One (1) VIRTUALf/x standardized I/O panel in each arena truck bay for use by each broadcaster

  5. Flight-pack renderers available for non-NHL arena games

  6. One (1) SMT-trained VIRTUALf/x staff person on-site in each arena for each NHL game

  7. Four (4) POV cameras supported





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Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 12.28.50


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