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SMT’s proprietary ROOSTER (Remote Optics Operator Staffing & Technology for Eliminating Risk) solution is our answer to reducing the carbon footprint of sports event and broadcast productions.


In 2021, SMT accelerated its remote production initiatives with the buildout of ROOSTER studios at its Durham, N.C., Jacksonville, Fla., and Fremont, Calif., divisions. ROOSTER replicates the production truck mode with SMT technicians operating various systems such as the UI, video monitoring, communications, graphics and data integration remotely.


From our remote production studios, SMT has successfully supported events such as the 2020 U.S. Open Tennis Championships, 2020 and 2021 Tour de France (data integration, graphics build), 2021 Roland Garros (virtual ads), 2020 and 2021 Triple Crown horse racing events (graphics production, odds) as well as Professional Fighters League (PFL) and every NHL game.


SMT’s ROOSTER studios allow for the delivery of the same product and service suite with minimal onsite footprint and minimal impact to the final on-air product. SMT’s ROOSTER workflows allow the remote graphics coordinator and operators to communicate in real-time with productions teams around the world, a workflow SMT can carry forward in the best interest of our clients and the environment. 



With SMT’s mobile production vans and our new production studios, SMT services are flexible and configurable to handle delivery from remote locations.


Our ROOSTER (Remote Optics Operator Staffing & Technology for Eliminating Risk) studios, located at our 3 U.S.-based divisions, have played a crucial role in 2020 broadcasts, providing virtual ads insertions for Roland Garros; detailed match statistics and serve speed services for U.S. Open; as well as remote scoring and scheduling for WTA and ATP events. SMT has also delivered remote broadcast services for other international events, such the Tour de France and the Olympics.

SMT’s mobile production vans deliver our same product and service suite with a minimal onsite footprint, reducing the need for our technicians and equipment to be housed in production trucks. Our mobile production vans offer the flexibility of a control room that can be configured for any sport. 

Production Van



Tour de France 2020 ROOSTER .jpeg

ROOSTER System Overview

Group 187-01.png

Events operated solely or in part from ROOSTER studios include:

  • U.S. Open Tennis Championships

  • Tour de France

  • Roland Garros

  • Professional Fighters League

  • Triple Crown of horse racing

  • Rogue Invitational

  • National Hockey League



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