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SMT serves the sports industry with innovative, award-winning technology for events, broadcasts and livestreams with a focus on real-time data collection, integration and visualization. With more than three decades of developing best-in-class solutions, SMT is an unsurpassed leader in sports technology.






















We are honored to have been awarded 36 Emmys over the past two decades on behalf of our work with our stellar roster of clients, including three this year for our contributions to:

  • Outstanding Playoff Coverage: NFC Wild Card Game | Nickelodeon (CBS Sports)

  • Outstanding Live Sports Series: Sunday Night Football | NBC

  • Outstanding Technical Team Event: Super Bowl LV | CBS


Over 200 clients entrust us with their most valuable assets: their fans.

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Craft the story of your game by choosing from live and historical data and statistics, social media feeds, video and telemetry, all integrated into compelling graphics for display on video boards, scoreboards, and screens of all kinds.



SMT's broadcast and event specialists take pride in helping our clients turn their visions into reality. From site review to choosing our most impactful solutions and on-site set-up and operation, SMT is devoted to our clients’ success every step of the way.



SMT provides its sports clients with effective on-site and broadcast data visualization
and storytelling tools. Below is an overview and brief description of our
most prominent golf products and services.



Having designed and developed the official timing, scoring and administration systems for multiple leagues and events, SMT understands the complexities of live events and the significance of effective real-time data presentation.


SMT scoring systems integrate both manual and automated data capture technologies and include systems that generate official statistics and analytics. These systems also deliver content via broadcast and on-site video displays graphics and to various digital platforms (mobile, web and information systems) that provide real-time, historical and year-to-date historical data and comparisons for the media.  


SMT’s event administration systems include a variety of applications to assist event organizers with the management of major sports events. They include, for example, sophisticated scheduling and prize money systems as well as athlete registration systems and PISA (Press Information System Application) to schedule athlete interviews for media. SMT can provide various examples of how it has assisted event organizers with this technology and expertise.

Some of SMT's scoring contributions to golf include:

  • Primary scoring and technology provider at the Masters Tournament since 1993 

  • Concepted (1998) and developed (2001) SHOTLink for the PGA TOUR

  • Provider of scoring solutions and services for the Evian Masters since 2000

  • Provider of scoring services and technologies since 2008 for the three primary USGA Opens: men's, senior's and women's

  • Scoring and technology services partner since 2010 with the R&A at The Open Championship

  • Provider of golf scoring services for the Rio 2016 Olympics

  • Annual provider of scoring, media, video board, IPTV and fan enhancement services to over 40 PGA TOUR sanctioned events

  • Provider of scoring, ball position, video display, production and IPTV services at the Presidents Cup since 2009


Data Integration

[Tennis Cap text, to be adapted for golf]

With TennisX, the collection and integration of data is stored on one universal database, including live scoring and statistics, historical ATP and WTA Tour data, player bio information, serve speed data, player and ball tracking data and weather data. Through the OASIS Platform, TennisX distributes data in real-time to a range of systems, display platforms, broadcast and web-based applications as well as third-party data feeds. The SMT broadcast television interface (TVI) integrates real-time tournament and historical tennis data with social media content for on-air production while the SMT Display Interface (DI) provides state-of-the-art content presentation on-site.


  • TennisX via the OASIS Platform

  • Television Interface

  • Display Interface

  • Data Feeds

  • Social Media 


From its inception, SMT has been at the forefront of display technology and display content production for clients such as the major golf tournaments, tennis Grand Slams and major marathons. SMT delivers a broad array of display services tailored to each event’s site and needs, providing events with expanded sponsor revenue opportunities while enhancing the fan experience. Our display production services range from fully automated scoreboards and information displays, to manned production with skilled producers, editors and graphics operators. SMT delivers a high-level production with multiple video sources, tennis line calling replay, custom edited video content, remote ENG cameras, social media, custom session opening, player introductions and sponsor events.


  • On-Course Displays

  • Monsterboards & Automated Monsterboards

  • Ribbon Boards

  • On-Course Digital Scoreboards

  • Cup Play Display Production

  • Next Gen Production

On-Course Displays.jpg

On-Course Displays


Ribbon Board

_WMPO_Curved Board3.jpg

Waste Management Monsterboard

Automated Monsterboard.jpg

Automated Monsterboard

Digital Scoreboard.jpg

On-Course Digital Scoreboards

Custom on-course displays.jpg

Custom On-Course Displays

Pres Cup Display Prod.jpg

Presidents Cup Production


Next Gen Production


Off-course displays include large-scale video displays (Superwalls), information towers, fan-zone displays, social media walls, indoor ribbon displays and digital ad panels. These displays are designed to provide the media, athletes and spectators uninterrupted access to tournament stats, video, social media buzz and information regardless of where they are on the premises.


  • Fan Zone Displays

  • Information Towers

  • Social Media Walls

  • Custom Off-Course Displays

  • Indoor Ribbon Displays

02 Fan Zone Display.jpg

Fan Zone Displays

Info Towers 04.jpg

Information Towers

SM Wall.jpg

Social Media Wall


Indoor Ribbon Displays


Custom Off-Course Displays

02 Custom off course.jpg

Custom Off-Course Displays



Key Operational Benefits:

  • Turnkey (equipment, labor, logistics)

  • Fiber backbone divided by CATS cabling to reach TDD set-top boxes

  • Central control: TIPS head-end

  • Two-way communication

  • TV options include: 32", 46" and 55"

  • Superior image quality

  • Custom alert messaging

  • Experience and knowledge

  • Custom 10-channel lineup, including PGA TOUR Live, when available


Sponsor Wraps

TIPS sponsor wraps, displayed via on-course IPTV fiber network, surround a live feed with custom sponsor graphics built to any specifications. These custom wraps cycle graphics at custom intervals and during specific times, making them ideal for providing sponsor chalets.

TIPS Sponsor Wrap1.jpg
TIPS Sponsor Wrap2.png

Menu Boards

TIPS Menu Boards, located in food court areas, are custom branded with sponsor content and provide live or pre-recorded video. Multiple Menu Board channels allow for location-specific sponsor exposure.

TIPS Menu Boards.jpg
TIPS 03.jpg

IP Security Camera System

SMT's IP Security Camera System utilizes the TIPS network to provide round-the-clock surveillance during tournament week. The service includes a 10 camera system, including pan-tilt-zoom features, 1920x1080 resolution and up to 48 hours of NVR video storage. This multi-view channel is distributed to tournament offices and security trailers and comes with a dedicated support staff. 

Weather-Proof Displays

SMT's 43" and 80" weather-proof displays provide TIPS coverage for smaller, outdoor locations such as VIP garden areas, private sponsor settings, food courts, etc. These ultra-bright (700Nit) displays come with a stand, sound bar, built-in cooling system and protective cases.

TIPS ll Weather Display.jpg


TIPS touchscreen kiosks, custom-designed by SMT's Creative Studio, allow fans to interact with tournament-specific content such as leaderboards, player profiles, sponsor messaging and social media.

Chase Sapphire Interactive System

In partnership with INTERSPORT, the Chase Sapphire Interactive system provides golf fans with insightful tournament information, such as:

  • Course maps with links to hospitality venues, dining areas, tournament merchandise, etc.

  • Player locator information

  • Tournament leaderboard

  • Groupings

  • Social media

  • Promotions

Alpha Player Locator/Hole-by-Hole Leaderboard

The TIPS Alpha Player Locator/Hole-by-Hole Leaderboard can be customized to meet a sponsor's specific branding requirements.

TIPS Alpha Locator.jpg
TIPS Alpha Leader.jpg


SMT has built the most comprehensive interactive solution for the media, integrating real-time and historical information, live video and archived matches and interviews. Our IPTV interactive touch screen or mouse-operated system delivers a powerful tool to each journalist for interview booking, match video analysis, interview transcripts, and more, making our services a must-have for large events.


The Masters Tournament


The Open Championship

us open.png

The U.S. Open Championship


Evian Championship



Used in VIP Hospitality Chalets, SMT's GolfTeeV and Enhanced Channels ingest the dirty feed from broadcast and apply branded graphics such as tickers and logos to customize the televised content. Tournament partner ads also cover broadcast commercials so that all content caters to the specific client.

Enhanced Chl.jpg


Our Selfie Stations are a fun way to ramp up excitement at any venue or event with customized content that engages fans, creates brand awareness and amplifies social media engagement.

With our Selfie Stations, fans can share selfies taken with their favorite athletes, heroes or celebrities - from football players to astronauts, the sky's the limit!

We work with clients to create compelling content unique to their events that showcases their brand and excites their audience, all while increasing social reach. Clients have included The Players Championship, the TIAA Bank for use at TIAA Bank Field during Jacksonville Jaguar games, and various fundraising events.



SMT provides the full production of video and graphical content on LED screens for draw parties and tournament pairings. SMT's systems display information including tournament logos, player bios, country flags and pairings, rosters, and more.

  • Display

  • Software

  • Reporting: Amateur Alpha List, Professional Roster, Pro-Am Pairings & Scorecard, Professional Notes, Address Labels, Bags Tags

  • Tournament Pairings Management: Produces pairing from SHOTLink, assigns caddie bib colors, provides daily pairing sheets, send to print company



SMT’s Video Production Services team is comprised of Emmy-winning broadcast specialists who use a producer’s eye to help clients produce engaging and compelling content. Our video editing and distribution services capture special events for tournaments, including player interviews, client testimonials and tournament promotional materials for on-site video boards, webcasts or television.

  • Tee-to-Green

  • Featured hole production

  • Moments Ago

  • Tournament Highlights

Featured Hole Production

  • Waste Management Phoenix Open "Live from 17"

  • Produced live video feed from 17 Tee-to-Green

  • Graphics overlays

  • Multiple camera angles

18 Production 01.jpg


18 Production 02.jpg


WMPO 01.png

Feature Hole Production

WMPO 03.png

Feature Hole Production



SMT’s Digital Media team has a strong knowledge of web and mobile applications, virtual and augmented reality, live data streaming and live video enhancement.

USO Website03.png

Digital Solutions - US Open Website

USO Website01.jpg

Digital Solutions - US Open Website



For live broadcasts, SMT can display an assortment of content such as live tournament statistics, sponsor placements and virtual ads, in addition to virtual enhancements such as Drive Grid, a product that highlights drive distances. Other fan favorites include SMT’s Landing Zone graphic that predicts where a tee shot will land; PuttVision, which offers a 3D model that displays the optimal putting line while highlighting the topography of the green; and Chipping Circles, a set of three yellow circles that illustrate the proximity of a player’s chip to the hole. SMT’s in-house design entity, SMT Creative Studio, specializes in the creation and implementation of compelling content presentation for on- and off-site audiences, including video displays, broadcast and digital platforms. These state-of-the-art graphics presentations include real-time 2D/3D animations and virtual and augmented reality graphics. SMT also provides customized channels that integrate directly into existing tournament CCTV systems.


Virtual Drive Line

Broadcast 04.jpg

GOTO Touchscreen


Weather/Wind Service Delivery

Weather/Wind Service Delivery




SMT’s 35 years of experience touching every aspect of the live sports industry from live sports television, to live sports in-venue presentation, to live sports production, to live sports fan engagement, to live sports promotion, to live sports digital presentation, to live sports league management has led SMT to create a powerful organizing philosophy called OASIS and a powerful data management system called the OASIS Platform (Organization of Asynchronous Sports Information Subsystems).


OASIS as an organizing philosophy views the data landscape of a sports league in three (3) layers: ​​


Level 0    All subsystems that create data or video


Level 1    The central hub that absorbs, collates, synchronizes, organizes, expands, and distributes all

                 Level 1 data via push and query APIs


Level 2    All subsystems that consume, present, or use the data


OASIS’ organizing philosophy defines a simple, intuitive approach to a sports league’s data governance and data management but requires a highly disciplined, central authority to maintain the proper separation of the layers and to maintain functional independence between layers for a sports league to gain the full benefits of the OASIS organizing philosophy.


OASIS is agnostic as to whether there are multiple individual vendors supplying the various subsystems at Level 0 or Level 2 or whether there is just one vendor supplying all subsystems at Level 0 or all subsystems at Level 2.  The OASIS organizing philosophy ensures all subsystem suppliers maintain functional independence, communicate clearly to others, and receive the full benefit of their participation.


As a product, the OASIS Platform is a highly integrated, multi-venue, time-synchronized, multilevel, data/video management system that SMT architected, designed and created to provide professional sports leagues with a centrally controlled and league-controlled platform to organize, maintain, administer, and manage all phases of the league’s data creation, data distribution, data visualization, and data monetization.