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SMT has more than 30 years of experience in designing, developing, deploying, operating, maintaining, refining, and servicing award-winning, best-in-class technology solutions for sports.


















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Scoring and Statistical Systems

SMT designed and developed the official timing and scoring systems for:


Customers and Partners

Over 200 clients entrust us with their most valuable assets: their fans.

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SMT Sport-Specific Systems 

  • Real-time Player and Object Tracking Systems

  • Official League-Wide Scoring Systems

  • Live Biometric Tracking Systems

  • Live Athlete Performance and Coaching Systems

  • 3D Visualization and Analytics Systems

  • Real-time Accessible Archived Statistics Systems

  • Virtual Replay and Official Review Systems

  • Live Athlete Safety and Monitoring Systems

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Live Sports Broadcast Television Enhancement Systems

Graphics Display Systems

Talent Systems

Virtual Insertion Systems

Digital Media Systems 

  • Website Creation: Deployment and Hosting

  • Mobile Apps: Creation and Deployment

  • Social Media: Curation and Publishing

Client Services

  • 24/7 Live Help Desk Support

  • Consultancy Services

  • On-Site System Operations

  • Project and Account Management

  • System Design and Development

  • Creative Services and Graphic Design

  • Event Planning and Event Execution

  • Multi-Vendor System Integration

Live On-Site Event Operations

  • Official Event Scoring Systems

  • Video Wall Displays

  • Scoreboard Displays

  • Event Information Systems

  • Social Media Integration Systems

  • Fan Engagement Systems

  • IPTV Systems

  • Press and Media Information Systems

  • Event Management and Admin Systems

Real-Time Data Processing

  • Data Creation, Parsing, Ingestion and Synchronization

  • Data Processing, Organization, Integration and Aggregation

  • Designing, Developing and Deploying Data Protocols and Schemas

  • Data Distribution via APIs, RTP Protocols and Cloud Architecture

  • Real-time Artificial Intelligence Eventing

OASIS Platform Case Study:


SMT's OASIS Platform Now and in the Future

The OASIS Platform is the central component of SMT’s vision for futbol’s next-generation data infrastructure. It leverages the full benefits of video, tracking, scoring and statistical data for all the sport’s stakeholders including the broadcasters.

  • The Eventing Intelligence Engine Inside OASIS (EIEIO) is the core component of the OASIS Platform.

  • The EIEIO integrates and synchronizes all the disparate data inputs to produce the league’s official record of its matches and official “next-gen” statistics.

  • The EIEIO provides automatic live detection of events (e.g., passes, player possession, shots, goals, offside position, etc.) to be used in enhancing the presentation of the game to the public and the league's vendors.

The OASIS Platform organizes futbol data infrastructure and systems into three levels:

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Situational Analysis

Futbol federations and leagues have invested significant time, resources and money into obtaining detailed data on its players, matches and statistics.

Statement of Challenges

  1. The data inputs are supplied by various third parties in various formats that are not easily organized to be used in real time by broadcasters and/or other third-party clients like gambling houses.

  2. The continuous flow of futbol relative to other professional sports that use tracking systems (e.g., NFL, NHL and NBA) has made it difficult for broadcast partners to effectively integrate all of this information into their workflows in a timely, meaningful, and positively impactful way.

  3. If futbol’s broadcast partners do not see the value and benefit of integrating data visualizations into their productions, then futbol fans will not see and enjoy the informational and analytic benefits of these new technologies.

  4. If futbol’s third-party data clients cannot use the integrated data as a "natural" component within their current workflows then the futbol ecosystem will not see the benefits of futbol’s investment in new technology.

SMT’s Solution for Integration of Disparate Data Sources

  1. SMT created a process and protocol for time synchronizing all data and video inputs from a match into a single platform.

  2. SMT’s solution enables the Federation and/or League to control the distribution of information to third parties through its proprietary administration tool that is controlled and managed by the Federation or League via APIs and RTP feeds.

  3. This platform is able to create incremental live events calculated through machine learning that add to the texture and understanding of the sport.


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