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The OASIS Platform

SMT’s approach to sports technology is embodied in our latest innovation, the OASIS (Organization of Asynchronous Sports Information Subsystems) Platform.

SMT’s patented OASIS Platform is a highly-integrated, multi-venue, time-synchronized, multilevel, data/video management system that SMT architected, designed and created to provide professional sports leagues with a platform to maintain, administer and manage centralized control over all phases of the data and video, including:

  1. Creation;

  2. Collection, Organization, Synchronization, Management, Administration, Distribution;

  3. Micro-authentication (user access and entitlement);

  4. Visualization; and,

  5. Monetization.

The OASIS Platform’s capabilities include:

  • Organizing live and accurate stats, scoring and tracking systems;

  • Creating new and advanced statistics through its Eventing Intelligence Engine;

  • Supporting commentators with live, continually updating in-game information; and

  • Outputting to graphical interface systems for broadcast enhancements. (*change wording*)

EIEIO diagram.png

OASIS Platform Case Study:

National Hockey League

SMT’s Solution Suite for NHL Broadcast Partners debuted at the 2019 NHL All-Star Game and includes systems to seamlessly integrate PPT and Eventing Data into the three (3) key functional areas of the broadcast presentation of a live NHL game.

Talent Prompters and Information Display


Encourages Talent to refer to unique PPT and Eventing data on a regular basis throughout a telecast PPT and Eventing Data drive the live information screen content.

Current Data displayed includes:

  • Distance Skated

  • Number of Shifts

  • Total Time on Ice (TOI)

  • TOI – This Shift

  • Player in Possession

​Color-coding highlights when a player's shift time exceeds 30sec and 60sec

C.I.S. displays will evolve over time and are customizable for each user profile

2-D Graphic Presentation

NBC Scorebug Example

OPTICS Scorebug Integration via API and RTP ensures that all NHL Broadcasters Partners enjoy the maximum benefit of PPT data and EIEIO Eventing data expressed graphically on their Scorebug devices.

  • Unique PPT and Eventing data can drive compelling Sportsbug drop-downs and slide-outs

  • EIEIO triggers can coordinate and synchronize Sportsbug displays with VFX-Live on-ice displays

3-D VIRTUALf/x Presentation

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 8.29.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 8.29.37 AM.png

VFX - Packaged Replay System

  • Standard time-line based editor

VFX - Live System

  • Single-click, intuitive, easy to use GUI,

  • Live insert from Center Ice POV

VFX - Instant Replay

  • Auto-generated Graphic Analysis Packages

  • EIEIO "Eventing Intelligence Engine Inside OASIS" Driven

  • Supports four (4) unique camera POVs

Additional SMT Solutions Since 2019 NHL All-Star Game

Eventing Intelligence Engine Inside OASIS (EIEIO)

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 4.45.52 PM.png

Video Demo - NHL All-Star Game

The OASIS Platform organizes the NHL’s data infrastructure and systems into three levels.

Group hockey ppt-01.png

In the video that follows, you will see how all the information from the OASIS Platform comes to life for the NHL. The OASIS “Quad Split” video has four components:

  • Upper right quadrant: Our tracking video allows the user to see that all players and the puck are being properly tracked and tagged.

  • Lower right quadrant: One of two multipurpose and interactive portions of the video controller allows the user to see (and change between) various screens including:

    • The graphical interface screen where operators can insert virtual elements in real time;

    • A Commentator Information Screen (CIS);

    • A data analysis screen that confirms the system is receiving data as planned and measures the real-time quality of the data being received against agreed-to protocols;

    • An eventing screen that recognizes data and newly created events as they occur; and

    • A script editor that allows the operator to change instructions to the system for insertion of virtual elements and/or pre-programmed instant replay scripts.

  • Lower left quadrant: This quadrant is similar to the lower right hand quadrant in that it allows the operator to toggle between screens. This video clip demonstrates the real-time generation of automated events being created through the OASIS Platform’s live eventing engine.

  • Upper left quadrant: Displays the real-time output of the system; this output will be highlighted in future videos showing the application.

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