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From SMT, the leading innovator of tennis technology, comes ATLAS, an ITF-certified, electronic line-calling system. ATLAS uses SMT’s Camera Tracker technology to trace the trajectory and landing points of tennis balls within 5mm of accuracy. Paired with SMT’s match management and tracking software, ATLAS is the industry’s most consistent, accurate and advanced line-calling technology

How It Works

  • Detection: Six cameras situated around the court capture 80 fps to detect ball and player movement.

  • Tracking: SMT tracking software receives the positional data to determine the location and time of all shots and bounces, producing a high-fidelity bounce footprint polygon that is sent to the Operator app.

  • Operator App: The bounce footprint data and tennis scoring data are used to make an in/ out call. This application also generates a ball tracking and bounce location visual.

  • Render Engine: The video renderer receives the ball mark data to create a virtual visualization of the ball trajectories and the bounce footprint. The video is available for output to client systems such as on-court video displays.


Small Footprint

Our unique engineering configuration and design provides minimal on-site infrastructure, resulting in an affordable line-calling system that uses less cabling, power, mounting poles, time and resources. 

When and where possible, SMT will roll out its ATLAS command center to act as a central on-site location to monitor and support up to four courts, removing the need for a tournament to provide an operational area. From this location, working within the existing infrastructure, SMT will complete the cabling network, install, camera mounting  and technical support for each court. Note that SMT operation is easily expandable and provides the option to add multiple command center as needed.  

 Supervisor Training

  • SMT will train and support the Tours’ supervisors to run the application, putting the Tour in control of confirming the correct location of the bounce and its outcome.

  • By using an intuitive user interface, supervisors can select close calls and confirm the outcome of questionable bounces.

  • Testing and rehearsal will be conducted onsite with client.


  • Adaptable to stadium and outside courts
  • Small hardware footprint
  • Nominal impact to courtside area
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Competitive pricing
  • ATLAS Control Center option
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Schematics, documentation provided
  • Advanced design technology
  • Integration into SMT scoring and production services
  • SOP checklist
  • Controllable by official
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