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SMT works hand-in-hand with clients to deliver real-time data and graphics solutions to live events, broadcasts and live streams. With 35 years of experience in developing award-winning technology, we serve the sports industry with a focus on data collection, integration and visualization. Our proven track record of creating leading-edge innovations makes SMT the irrefutable leader in sports technology.




















SMT’s broadcast and on-site solutions play an integral role in the world’s most prestigious sporting and entertainment events, providing our partners with real-time tools that create a new standard in fan engagement.

Clients and Partners 

SMT is the premier technology provider for the world’s largest and most iconic sporting events, including the Super Bowl, the NCAA Men’s Final Four, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500. In addition, we have unsurpassed experience, both domestic and international, in the professional sports worlds of soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, Olympics, cycling, volleyball, action sports, horse racing, endurance sports, fitness sports, rugby and track and field.


Culture of Innovation 

We’re a company built on firsts. The yellow first-down line, revolutionizing TV football. The wireless scoring system for golf – no more walkie-talkies. The Serve Speed system for tennis, settling the score on who has the fastest serve. The on-screen score bug – no more panning to the scoreboard. The real-time, position pointer for motorsports. And player tracking for the NHL, revealing millions of never-before-seen data points.


About AMP  

SMT-AMP is a revolutionary system that enables coaching and training staffs to monitor athletes’ vital information, enhancing player performance and highlighting problems before they become injuries.

SMT-AMP activates tools that coaches and trainers can leverage to manage individual athletes or the team as a whole to maximize on-field results.

SMT-AMP tools can be used to:

  • Manage practice loads to optimize game day performances;

  • Customize rehabilitation programs to mitigate injuries; and

  • Tailor strength and conditioning programs to achieve maximum performance levels.


Benefits of SMT-AMP  

  • No disruption to the existing processes at the schools

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Ability to cost-effectively manage expansion across multiple sports

  • Positive implications for Title IX

  • Leverage in the recruiting process

  • Available as an on-site or cloud-based solution

  • Provides a single location for coaches and trainers to analyze data

  • Customizable reports for different sports and/or job function

  • Agnostic to third-party providers for easy data integration.

The SMT-AMP Difference 

Although there is a myriad of biometric systems on the market, these systems rely on biometric data compiled from disparate sources in separate models and products.

SMT-AMP’s ability to synchronize and store multiple data sources in a single database allows the data to be analyzed on a common timeline which is crucial to identify potential health issues and to maximize on-field performance.

SMT-AMP ingests, synchronizes and analyzes data, including:

  • biometric readings

  • hydration levels

  • weight

  • nutritional information


  • sleep data

  • strength training data

  • survey information


4 Rs to Optimum Results

  1. Reduction in injury by close monitoring of training regimen

  2. Realigning performance cycles to ensure athletes peak on game day

  3. Reduce downtime with precise rehab monitoring using a customized biometric baseline approach

  4. Recruitment advantage with emphasis on player safety



The OASIS (Organization of Asynchronous Sports Information Subsystems) Platform is a new sports industry paradigm in data infrastructure. With OASIS, users can rely on real-time advanced metrics and statistics that bring order to disparate data, enabling them to analyze athlete performance, strategy, and game trends as never before.

The OASIS Platform’s data and graphics architecture drives the ingestion, aggregation, and distribution of data, acting as the central hub for the integration of athletes’ vital information including, but not limited to, biometric data, weight and hydration information and other training data deemed important by the coaching and training staff.

Once the data is synchronized and stored, the platform allows users to create custom reports and set custom thresholds. The integrated information allows users to compare new data with historical data to quickly determine if the athlete is in a normal range or becomes an outlier.

This information can be presented in two ways:

  • In a report that is customized to provide the data in various formats. (See examples of customized AMP-generated reports at the end of the presentation.)

  • As an alert that is pushed through a digital device to signal exceeded threshold with action calls.

In this way, the platform’s database provides medical staff, trainers and coaches with information to help plan daily activities, tailor practices, track individual training regimens, cycle peak performance on game day and ensure athletes are getting back on the field as quickly as possible while minimizing the risk for reinjury.


How it Works

OASIS looks at the world of data and video and organizes it into three (3) distinct levels:


Level 0

SMT has a long history of working with Level 0 data inputs, both in creating raw data and ingesting third-party raw data into common and synchronized databases.

  • SMT creates a seamless process and protocol for time synchronizing all data and video inputs.

  • SMT can incorporate specific athlete data, including generating biometrical data and player bios, as well as historical performance data.

Examples of Level 0

  • Heart rate

  • Respiration rate

  • Body temperature

  • Physiological load

  • Mechanical Load

  • Weight

  • Hydration

  • Surveys

  • Diet/nutrition

  • Sleep metrics

  • Accelerometry

  • Force plate metrics

  • Weight training data

  • Practice and game video

Level 1

At Level 1, the OASIS Platform parses, ingests and synchronizes data from the various Level 0 sources. Real-time events are created based upon the incoming data so triggers and alerts can be generated based on a wide range of data such as:

  • A real-time temperature alert can be generated for an athlete during a practice or training event when the athlete’s body temperature exceeds its previous highest value at the same exertion level.

  • A real-time heart rate alert can be generated for an athlete during a practice or training event when the athlete’s heart rate exceeds its previous highest value during the same type of practice or training.

  • A real-time weigh-in alert can be generated for an athlete who, before a practice or training event, weighs in lower than a threshold amount below his or her previous day’s weight, indicating a possibility of being dehydrated.

  • A real-time mechanical load alert can be generated for an athlete who, during a practice or training event, exceeds a mechanical load that if continued would exceed the athlete’s load for that day by greater than a preset threshold.

  • Alerts can be set to trigger if an athlete has an HRV below a pre-set threshold AND the athlete answers “No” to a survey question, “Have you consumed a caffeinated beverage within the past four hours?"

  • Thresholds for each athlete are set based on the athlete’s own baselines (algorithms using the athlete’s historical data for previous similar events), allowing trainers to focus on cases where biometric data is significantly different from historical data. 

Level 2

  • Customized reports: User reports and visualizations can be customized based on the specific subset of Level 0 inputs. This allows data from multiple disparate systems to be viewed and analyzed on a single report.

  • Role-based entitlements: The data presented can be varied based on the roles of the logged-in user, so that doctors and trainers can see individual medical values, whereas coaches and admins can only see athlete aggregates or whether an athlete was above or below the median at his or her position (and not specific individual values).

  • Customizable: Each user can subscribe to a specific set of alerts that can be based on the entire team or any subsection or squad of the team. For example, the linebacker coach can receive alerts only for the linebackers, a dietician can receive only weight alerts, and a trainer can receive only load alerts.

Examples of Level 2

  • Live and historical reports (customizable)

  • Apps (MOM, SMART, mobile notifications)

  • Websites

    • Command Center (provides administration interface)

    • OASIS Touch (provides primary data and data displays)

AMP Report Examples

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