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SMT is the premier technology provider for sporting events, broadcasts and livestreams. With more than three decades pioneering best-in-class solutions, we redefine the sports experience through award-winning platforms, real-time data mastery, seamless integration and captivating visualization. 





















At SMT, we transform races into immersive experiences, from fundraisers to World Marathon Majors.
SMT's on-site operations, video board production and broadcast tools ensure that every detail is presented
with precision and excitement.

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SMT leads the way in redefining race engagement through a diverse range of video wall production solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of any event. From the grandeur of the New York City Marathon to races of varying scales, we specialize in crafting customized productions for on-course displays, in-venue video boards, photobridge displays, track boards and interactive kiosks

Our display content features a rich array of real-time information, ensuring that every spectator, participant and enthusiast is seamlessly connected to the race with:

  • Real-time biometric data

  • Dynamic leaderboards

  • Live broadcast and social media feeds

  • Precision race clocks

  • Strategic course insights

  • Elevation profiles and heat maps

  • Essential hydration and medical station locations

  • Engaging sponsor activations

  • Personalized cheer messages

  • Critical emergency and weather messaging

  • Informational graphics presenting historical data and fun facts

  • Inspirational stories brought to life through lower-third and full-screen graphics and video

2019NYCM Expo_0410.jpg

Finish Line Displays

Enhance the finish line experience with photobridge and track board LED displays featuring:

  • Congratulatory messages

  • Precision race clocks

  • Dynamic sponsor content

  • Essential event messaging

  • Social media updates

NYCM 4-clocks.png
_Finish line M WC winner.jpg

Awards Podium

Elevate award ceremonies with podium displays designed to stand behind or replace static banner backdrops with changing screens that showcase personalized athlete/VIP bios, offering dynamic features such as:


  • Runner profiles

  • Event results (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)

  • Prominent organization/club and sponsor mentions

  • Flags representing participants' countries

  • Full-screen step-and-repeat logos

  • Customizable sponsor content

NYCM_Awards Podium.jpg

On-Course Fan Viewing

Immerse fans in the heart of the race with tailored video wall production that brings the action to each spectator zone.
Stay connected with live race footage, standings, and dynamic content:


  • Fullscreen: Welcome messages, announcements, sponsor graphics, emergency messaging and captivating video clips.

  • Video window: Live broadcasts, video clips and sponsor videos for an immersive experience.

  • Side/bottom panels: Athlete profiles, leaderboard, leader location, notable statuses, social media updates, charity fundraising graphics and sponsor messaging.

  • Lower right: Prominent clock display.

Photo Boston Marathon Jumbo Copley Square.jpg
Boston Marathon Jumbo template mockup.png

Live Video Selfies on LED Display

Step into the future of audience engagement with life selfie videos – a fusion of smartphones and Jumbotrons. Spectators and runners can seamlessly livestream themselves by scanning a QR code, creating an interactive experience. A moderator appointed by the race organizer handles the software's queue to select which fans get shown on the LED screen. Fans are directed to explore sponsors engagement at the end of each activation.

On-Course Cheer Displays

Elevate the race atmosphere with cheer displays, allowing spectators to share personalized messages to runners via social media or the race app using client-specific hashtags.


  • Texts and pictures are submitted through the app or social media.

  • Runner bibs chips trigger pre-determined digital cheer cards.

  • Messages, whether personalized or preset by the marathon/SMT staff, create a powerful connection between runners and supporters.

SF Biofreeze CheerBrd.JPG

Reunion Area

Upon exiting the finish line, the reunion area's prominent display becomes the go-to spot for easily viewing results while reconnecting with supporters. Scrolling runner names and finish times, along with estimated reunion times, guarantee visibility even during peak moments. Other features include: ​


  • Live finish line video

  • Engaging sponsor content

  • Customized messaging

NYCM family-reunion-displ.png

Start Line Information Tower

These towers deliver essential runner and spectator information, enhancing the start line atmosphere. Featuring directional/wayfinding guidance, corral/wave start times and crucial race updates, these towers cater to diverse event needs. Choose from three-sided, four-sided, or cylindrical displays.


  • Directional/wayfinding information for runners and spectators

  • Unique sponsor takeovers

  • Corral/wave start times

  • Important race updates (i.e. weather or safety alerts)

Info TowerPracticeSched-Info-.jpg

Media Center

SMT's Media Center video wall production showcases multiple simultaneous live feeds alongside stunning backdrops
for press conferences.

On-Site Operations

Navigate the pulse of live events seamlessly with SMT's on-site operations. Our skilled teams collaborate closely with production crews, delivering course-wide or broadcast solutions. Experize extends to remote technical teams adept at meeting producer and director expectations in the dynamic live environment. From building photobridges to installing video boards, our teams thrive under pressure, adapting to changes with self-composure and integrity. With next-gen technology, we offer remote installation, on-site camera training and comprehensive maintenance for the pinnacle of production value.



Course Strategy Presentations

Engage runners with course strategy presentations, where professional coaches conduct interactive strategy sessions at expos or VIP hospitality areas. These sessions offer interactive course strategies, allowing coaches to display on screen as needed to point out key points of interest along the course with pictures, descriptions and elevation profiles.

NYCM Locator.jpg

Course Strategy Runner Displays

Empower runners with course strategy runner displays, offering a personalized course strategy experience. These displays showcase interactive course maps on touchscreen LEDs, providing controlled educative run-throughs. Users can explore points of interest, each featuring descriptions, elevation profiles and photos, while highlighting sponsors and activations. Tailor the experience further by entering individual pace, allowing the display to predict times at each point of interest along the course.

SFM golden-gate-mockup.png

Selfie with the Stars

Experience the thrill of a Selfie with the Stars through our digitally interfaced solution. Users can insert pre-produced images of top athletes into their photos at branded stations, creating impactful memories at expos, VIP hospitality areas, and high-traffic zones. SMT collaborates with race organizers to capture video of top athletes, allowing fans to choose their favorites and customize their selfies. With on-site monitoring, we ensure appropriateness and deliver participants' selfies via email with a branded frame, perfectly sized for Instagram sharing.



Unlock a new dimension of race insights with SMT's biometrics integration. Race organizers can foster
partnerships with personal biometric providers like Fitbit to seamlessly integrate data, providing race organizers
with valuable metrics:

  • Heart rate

  • Strides per minute

  • Breathing rate

  • Cadence

Integrate biometrics into various services, enhancing the race experience:

  • On-course displays

  • Course strategy

  • Personalized course strategy

  • Broadcast graphics



Elevate the race experience with SMT's weather integration. Ingest, integrate and display weather data seamlessly with race information, offering valuable insights such as:

  • Temperature

  • Wind MPH

  • Wind duration

  • Humidity

Integrate weather data into a variety of services to enhance the overall race experience:

  • On-course displays

  • Course strategy

  • Personalized course strategy

  • Broadcast graphics


Immerse viewers in the race narrative with SMT's storytelling tools, transforming data into captivating on-air experiences.

ISO Track Runner Highlights and Information

ISO Track uses live aerial cameras to identify and track athletes. An on-air pointer graphic seamlessly interfaces with information, showcasing names, rankings, and headshots in real-time.


Virtual Enhancements

SMT's virtual enhancements redefine the viewing experience. During the 2022 TCS New York Marathon, we introduced real-time virtual course overlays using video captured from helicopters with gyro-mounted cameras. This innovative approach provided broadcast viewers with a unique, dynamic perspective of the course, creating impactful branding opportunities for sponsors like TCS and Abbott with cutting-edge virtual enhancements.

Sponsored Virtual Insertions

Experience the power of sponsorship integration with SMT's sponsored virtual insertions. Our virtual technology allows for strategically placing sponsored graphics on various course surfaces, including roads, water, and buildings. Maximize brand visibility and engagement throughout the race, creating a dynamic and immersive sponsorship experience for viewers and participants alike.

NYRR Presentation pg19.jpg
NYRR Presentation pg22.jpg

Record Time Side Slab/Animation

Capture the excitement as the race unfolds with a dynamic side slab graphic or animation that visually highlights the intensity and achievement of those chasing the course record. This visual narrative adds an extra layer of excitement
to the competition.


Facebook Live Broadcast

Experience the thrill beyond the local broadcast with SMT's Facebook live broadcast solution. As the local broadcast concludes, we seamlessly transition to a dynamic live production, capturing the excitement at the finish line and delving into the incredible personal stories of the runners. Our comprehensive production includes booth and field talent, a full production staff, and a state-of-the-art fly pack.

Endurance Highlight Reel

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