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For over three decades, SMT has been on the forefront of tennis technology, enhancing the experience of fans, players, media and broadcasters.



SMT is the premier technology provider for sporting events, broadcasts and livestreams. With more than three decades pioneering best-in-class solutions, we redefine the sports experience through award-winning platforms, real-time data mastery, seamless integration and captivating visualization. 













Clients and Partners

Over 200 clients entrust us with their most valuable assets: their fans.




The OASIS Platform presents a data strategy success path for Roland Garros. 

The OASIS solution is all-inclusive, future-proof and component agnostic, allowing Roland Garros the flexibility to integrate technologies from third-party vendors and integrate new technologies that become available. Some components of OASIS are currently in place in SMT tennis applications being used for Roland Garros.

The OASIS Platform will give Roland Garros the ability to control its data and video rights more directly while maximizing its ability to monetize those rights with third parties.





SMT design to optimize the data flow based on APIs structure:

  • RTP API or Realtime Time Push so that data is instantly available for consumption

  • REST API so that data is automatically stored and available for query

Per this design to organize, normalize, and streamline the data workflow, SMT can then focus separately on the management of the data live vs historical data.



Along with the treatment of the data via API, SMT has the ability to monitor the location tracking data, analyze it, and correct it if needed. We call this process “smoothing of the data” as it allows us to fill in any gap for a consistent frame of data.



Since SMT OASIS ecosystem has the ability to ingest multiple video feeds through our SMT Tandem server, and then stamp the video with synchronized timecodes, we have the ability to create live replays and highlights via our OPTICS Pro proprietary software.  OPTICS Pro provides the client with the ability to automatically create a highlight or a replay from the video stored on the SMT Tandem server. 



EDGE is the SMT data analytics platform at Level 2. SMT will develop algorithms (per client input) in our eventing engine at Level 1 to create unique and new statistics for the recipients/consumers. These new statistics are available via EDGE.

SMT is the premier technology provider for the world’s largest and most iconic Tennis events. SMT designed and developed the official timing and scoring, statistical, and administrative systems for:

The SMT scoring system, TennisX, has been deployed at tournaments ranging from the smallest junior events to the world’s largest and most prestigious tournaments and is the official scoring solution for the U.S. Open and Australian Open. TennisX manages every aspect of a tournament, including draw creation, match scheduling, data capture and distribution, scoring and statistics, as well as prize money and world ranking calculation.



SMT elevates data to an art form with Match Insights, statistically infused graphics for tennis tournaments that deliver relevant and engaging stats that go beyond names and numbers. The storylines of players and matches are revealed through bar graph elements, speed and percentage gauges, directional serve speed images, and tennis court- and ball-themed images embedded into crisp, engaging graphics, all designed by SMT's Creative Studio. 


Match Insights are available across all available channels, including general media, broadcast, digital and social.


The ultimate tennis analytics and video replay system, CARAT provides courtside coaches with an intuitive app that quickly analyzes player performance.

Through SMT’s OASIS data management and EDGE data analytics platforms, CARAT receives real-time integration of multiple sources of data, point by point video replay, key performance match statistics, and tennis expertise. OASIS collates each of these independent sources and time-synchronizes each data and video source to a common timecode which is made available via API connections to the CARAT courtside solution. The Coach’s Portal allows post-match, online access to player performances.


Point Trail and Video UPDATE_edited.png

Developed in collaboration with USTA coaches, CARAT offers an intuitive user interface within a ruggedized tablet that withstands outdoor courtside conditions.


Net Spider is a let-detection system comprised of a net sensor that communicates with the chair umpire's handheld unit. The sensor is attached to the center of the net strap and is activated by a button on the handheld unit. Both devices can operate either wirelessly or wired. The Net Spider cannot be used to start/stop the serve clock.



SMT’s scheduling application facilitates umpires’ court assignments for matches on multiple courts. This application is linked to the tournament match schedule and enables tournament supervisors to avoid inherent conflicts and ensure the correct umpires are selected. Over the three weeks of the 2023 US Open, this application was used to schedule 68 umpires across 23 draws.



Selected Courts 2.png

Selected Courts

Courts by Date.png

Courts by Date

Selected Courts_Select.png

Selected Courts


ATLAS is an ITF-certified, electronic line-calling system that uses SMT’s proprietary Camera Tracker technology to reconstruct the trajectory and landing points of tennis balls within 5 mm of accuracy. Paired with SMT’s match management and tracking software, ATLAS is the industry’s most consistent, accurate, and advanced line-calling technology. With a user-friendly UI and SMT-trained tour supervisors, SMT puts the tournaments in control of confirming bounce location and calls. ATLAS seamlessly integrates data into SMT’s existing on-site infrastructure, requiring only a minimal hardware footprint on tournament grounds.


Timing, Scoring, Statistical and Tournament Administration Systems

SMT designed and developed the official timing and scoring, statistical and administrative systems for:

The SMT scoring system, TennisX, has been deployed at tournaments ranging from the smallest junior events to the world’s largest and most prestigious tournaments and is the official scoring solution for the U.S. Open and Australian Open. TennisX manages every aspect of a tournament, including draw creation, match scheduling, data capture and distribution, scoring and statistics, as well as prize money and world ranking calculation.


  • TennisX Scoring System

  • Chair Umpire Scoring

  • Match and Practice Court Scheduling

  • Detailed Match Statistics

  • Serve Speed

  • Administrative Reports

  • * Net Call Application

  • ** Line Calling System

  * Developed and Patented
  ** Applied for Certification

2023 TimingScoringLogos_2x.png
_Scheduling Room2.jpg

Scheduling Room



2022_Wimbledon_Chair Umpire Scoring 03.JPG

Chair Umpire Scoring

2022_Wimbledon_Scoreboard_Serve Speed 5.jpg

Serve Speed

Data Integration

With TennisX, the collection and integration of data is stored on one universal database, including live scoring and statistics, historical ATP and WTA Tour data, player bio information, serve speed data, player and ball tracking data and weather data. Through the OASIS Platform, TennisX distributes data in real-time to a range of systems, display platforms, broadcast and web-based applications as well as third-party data feeds. The SMT broadcast television interface (TVI) integrates real-time tournament and historical tennis data with social media content for on-air production while the SMT Display Interface (DI) provides state-of-the-art content presentation on-site.


  • TennisX via the OASIS Platform

  • Television Interface

  • Display Interface

  • Data Feeds

  • Social Media

  • Data Science

2020-AO-SMT Chair Tablet.JPG

Chair Tablet

2022_USOS Cincinnati_DigitalDraw_07.jpg

Digital Draw


Draw Party

Data Science

Video Displays and Production

From its inception, SMT has been at the forefront of display technology and production. SMT delivers a broad array of display services tailored to each tournament’s site and needs, including large-scale video displays (Superwalls), information towers, on-court and mezzanine ribbon boards, and digital ad panels as well as scoreboards. These provide tournaments with expanded sponsor revenue opportunities while enhancing the fan experience onsite. Our display production services range from fully automated scoreboards and information displays, with tennis logic automatically driving content, to manned production with skilled producers, editors and graphics operators. SMT delivers a high-level production with multiple video sources, line calling replay, custom edited video content, remote ENG cameras, social media, custom session opening, player introductions, and sponsor events.


  • Scoreboards

  • Information Towers

  • Video Walls and Production

  • Projection Systems Ribbon

  • Board Displays and Production

  • Sponsor Branded Serve Speed and Clock Displays

  • Content Production

Match Clock Serve Speed.JPG

Serve Clock and Serve Speed

_2022_MiamiOpen_Stadium 01a.jpg

Video Walls and Production

Chair Umpire LED

Chair Umpire 01.jpg

Scoreboard Content Production


Information Systems

SMT boasts a range of information systems tailored to the needs of various constituencies: fans, tournament administration, players, media and broadcasters. One example is SMT’s Interactive Information System, a state-of-the-art, multi-media application that utilizes the latest in IPTV technology and SMT software. This system integrates live broadcast and recorded video with live scores and stats, historical data, match schedules and results, sponsor information, and much more. These intuitive, interactive systems are made available in media centers, fan kiosks, in sponsor locations, and in administrative, broadcast and player areas, providing complete information to enhance the onsite experience.


  • Interactive Media System

  • Match Analysis System

  • Commentator's Information Screen (CIS)

  • CCTV Channels

  • On-Air Talent Touch Screens (GOTO Boards)

  • Digital Signage

  • Media Messaging System

  • Press Interview Booking System

2022_Wimbledon_WIS 04.jpg

Wimbledon Interactive Media System


RG Vision

Graphics Integration

SMT’s in-house SMT Creative Studio specializes in the creation and implementation of compelling content presentations for on and off-site audiences. From video display production to broadcast and digital platforms, these state-of-the-art graphics presentations include real-time 2D/3D HD animations, virtual and augmented reality graphics. Our graphic content production capability ranges from the latest render and animation systems to systems that deliver content for perimeter displays and broadcast clock-and-score bugs. In addition, SMT provides customized channels that integrate directly into existing tournament CCTV systems.


  • Branding and Graphic Design

  • Television Interface

  • SportsCG Graphics Platform

  • Tickers/Crawls

  • Real-time 2D/3D Animation

  • Virtual Graphics

  • Augmented Reality Graphics

  • Next Generation Statistics


Wimbledon Match Insights

Virtual Enhancement

SMT’s suite of virtual and augmented reality graphics for tennis includes broadcast graphics and virtual studios. For live match broadcast production, SMT can display an assortment of content within the broadcast such as live match statistics, player flags and identifications, sponsor placements and virtual ads, all inserted directly on the court or around the stadium. In addition, SMT’s technology allows for the virtual content to be produced remotely and tailored for each geographic region.


  • Virtual Studio

  • Virtual Graphics

  • Virtual Ads

  • Virtual Telestration

WTA Virtual Ad


On-Site Operations

SMT’s on-site operations teams are highly skilled at working side-by-side with tennis production crews to provide in-stadium or broadcast solutions for virtually every tennis tournament, from the popular Miami Open to the prestigious Grand Slams. SMT’s expert remote technical teams understand the expectations of producers and directors and the challenges that come with working in a live TV environment. Whether working in studios, remote trucks or in-stadium, our teams work well under pressure and maintain self-composure and integrity, easily adapting to changes that are inherent in live productions. With next-generation technology and deep-seated expertise, our teams provide installation, on-site camera training, maintenance, and troubleshooting to ensure the highest production value possible.

Media Services

SMT has built a comprehensive interactive solution for the media, integrating real-time and historical information, live video and archived tournament footage and player interviews. Our Tournament IPTV Platform Service (TIPS) provides custom messaging and sponsor opportunities while keeping journalists apprised of every development. SMT provides the software, hardware, creative development, staffing and equipment required to execute this fiber network service. In addition, our other applications, such as interview booking, match video analysis, interview transcripts, and LED displays and graphics, make our services a must-have for large events.

Video Production

SMT’s Video Production Services team is comprised of Emmy-winning broadcast specialists who use a producer’s eye to help clients