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SMT delivers award-winning innovations to live events, broadcasts and live streams.
With almost 35 years of developing best-in-class technology, SMT serves the sports industry
with a focus on real-time data collection, integration and visualization.



















Culture of Innovation

Industry Leader in World Class Racing Solutions

From experiential races to World Marathon Majors, SMT's on-site operations, video board productions and broadcast production tools enable fans to experience every step of the race.

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SMT's video wall production solutions range in size and complexity to appeal to any race. For larger events, such as the New York City Marathon, SMT customizes productions for on-course displays, in-venue video boards, photobridge displays, track boards and interactive kiosks.

Display content features:

  • Real-time biometric data

  • Leaderboards

  • Live broadcast and social media feeds

  • Race clocks

  • Course Strategies

  • Elevation profiles

  • Heat maps

  • Hydration and medical station locations

  • Sponsor activations

  • Personalized cheer messages

  • Emergency and weather messaging

  • Informational graphics with historical data and fun facts

  • Inspirational stories told through lower-third and full-screen graphics and video

2019NYCM Expo_0410.jpg

Photobridge LED at Finish Line

  • Congratulatory messages

  • Race clocks

  • Sponsor content

  • Event messaging

NYCM 4-clocks.png

LED Track Boards at Finish Line

  • Sponsor Content

  • Social Media Content

  • Event Messaging


Awards Podium

Awards podium displays are designed to stand beside or replace static banner awards podium backdrops. Displays have the ability to change screens and display unique biographical information and images based on who is receiving the award. ​


  • Athlete/VIP biographical information

  • Event result (e.g. winner, second place, third place)

  • Organization/club or sponsor name

  • Country flags

  • Full-screen step and repeat logos

  • Sponsor content

NYCM_Awards Podium.jpg

On-Course Fan Viewing

This solution entails a video wall production tailored to the running action directly in front of each fan viewer area. 

These displays will have the ability to show live race footage and race standings to keep spectators informed and engaged in the race. ​


  • Full Screen: welcome, announcements, sponsor graphics, emergency, messaging, video clips

  • Video Window: live broadcast, video clips, sponsor videos

  • Side/Bottom Panels: athlete profiles, leaderboard, leader location on course, notable runner status, social media, charity/money raised graphic, sponsor messaging

  • Lower Right: clock

Photo Boston Marathon Jumbo Copley Square.jpg
Boston Marathon Jumbo template mockup.png

On-Course Cheer Displays

On-course cheer displays provide the ability for spectators to submit personalized messages through social media or through the official race app and display them to runners along the course. Custom cheer cards for athletes on displays can include images or personalized text. ​


  • Cheer messages can be submitted through an app or social media utilizing hashtags based on the needs of the client.

  • Runner bib chips will then trigger a pre-determined text and/or photo digital cheer card to be displayed for the runner using the on-course cheer displays.

  • Messages can be personalized or preset by the marathon/SMT staff.

  • Cheer Messages can include pictures and text.

SF Biofreeze CheerBrd.JPG

Family Reunion Area

This concept entails a large display at the family reunion area after the finish line. This display will show runner names and finish times in combination with an estimated reunion time. The concept is designed to display each runner's name, even at peak finishing times. In addition, other content such as live broadcast and finish footage, as well as sponsor or marathon messaging, can be shown. ​


  • Scrolling runner finish times

  • Live video of Finish Line

  • Sponsor content

  • Other preferred content

NYCM family-reunion-displ.png

Start Line Information Tower

Start line information towers provide vital runner/spectator information which enhance the overall experience at the start line. This information can include directional/wayfinding information, wave start times, or the location of nearby amenities. Info towers can be modeled in a variety of display types based on the needs of the event, including: 3-sided, 4-sided and cylindrical. ​


  • Directional/wayfinding information for runners and spectators

  • Unique sponsor takeovers

  • Corral/wave start times

  • Important race updates (i.e. weather or safety alerts)

Info TowerPracticeSched-Info-.jpg

Media Center

SMT's Media Center Video Wall solution entails a video wall production tailored to the Media Center which includes the ability to show multiple simultaneous live feeds as well as backdrops for press conferences.

On-Site Operations

SMT's on-site operations teams are highly skilled at working side-by-side with production crews to provide SMT's course-wide or broadcast solutions.

SMT's expert remote technical teams understand the expectation of producers and directors and the challenges that come with working in a live environment.

Whether building photo bridges, installing video boards, working in studios or in the production trucks, our teams work well under pressure and maintain self-composure and integrity, easily adapting to changes that are inherent in live productions. With next-generation technology and deep-seated expertise, our teams provide remote installation, on-site camera training, maintenance, and troubleshooting to ensure the highest production value possible.



Course Strategy Presentations

Course strategy presentations allow professional coaches to lead an interactive strategy session with fans at an expo or VIP Hospitality area. These presentations provide valuable interactive course strategies for coaches to speak to and call up on screen as needed.  They also provide points of interest along the course, that include pictures, descriptions, and elevation profiles which the coaches can reference during the presentation. 

NYCM Locator.jpg

Course Strategy Runner Displays

Course strategy displays provide runners with a personalized version of the course strategy software with a controlled educative run-through of the course. Interactive course maps can be displayed on a variety of touchscreen LEDs and allow users to access points of interest along the course. Each includes a description elevation profile and several photos, while highlighting sponsors and activations along the course. They also include the ability for users to enter their individual pace and, based on that runner's pace, display what time will be at each point of interest along the course.

SFM golden-gate-mockup.png



SMT has the ability to ingest and display biometric data, allowing a race organizer to forge a relationship with a personal biometric provider (e.g., Fitbit) and integrate with race data to provide new insights:

  • Heart rate

  • Strides per minute

  • Breathing rate

  • Cadence

Integrate into a range of services:

  • On-course displays

  • Course strategy

  • Personalized course strategy

  • Broadcast graphics



SMT has the ability to ingest, integrate, and display weather data with race data to provide new insights:

  • Temperature

  • Wind MPH

  • Wind duration

  • Humidity

Integrate into a range of services:

  • On-course displays

  • Course strategy

  • Personalized course strategy

  • Broadcast graphics


SMT provides broadcasters with a multitude of storytelling tools to enhance the broadcast experience by bringing data to life on air.

ISO Track Runner Highlights and Information

ISO Track uses live aerial cameras to identify and track athletes in an on-air pointer graphic interfaced with information such as names, rankings and headshots.


Virtual Enhancements

For the 2022 TCS New York Marathon, SMT provided virtual course overlays on the marathon course in real time via video captured from rapidly moving helicopters with gyro-mounted cameras. These virtual enhancements allowed a unique perspective on the course in real time to broadcast viewers as well as impactful branding opportunities for title sponsor TCS and World Marathon majors title sponsor Abbott.

Sponsored Virtual Insertions

SMT’s virtual technology offers the added benefit of being able to place sponsored graphics along the course surfaces such as the road, water and buildings.

NYRR Presentation pg19.jpg
NYRR Presentation pg22.jpg

Side Slab or Animation: Record Time


Facebook Live Broadcast

This solution entails SMT providing a race day Facebook Live production immediately after the local broadcast goes off air. The goal is to provide dynamic and exciting coverage of the finish line area with a focus on capturing some of the incredible personal stories behind the runners. The production consists of a complete broadcast with booth and field talent, a full production staff and a comprehensive fly pack.

Endurance Highlight Reel

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